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What Is Dıgıtal School?

With the age of technology, many institutions, organizations and companies have integrated into remote working systems, making working life more comfortable and more efficient. While a new line of business is added to remote working systems every day, distance education systems also took their place in this integration. While providing a new perspective to education as a digital school, it provides faster access to success and information by bringing teachers and students together in an easier and safer environment.

Digital school is the general name of an online integration system that brings together educational institutions and students digitally. On the digital school platform, teachers and students can have classes online and live. Likewise, online exams and exam results are also available. There are question pools in the content of the digital school platform. Students are  free to improve themselves by taking advantage of both time and endless information by easily accessing the question pools to complete their deficiencies. It is also very easy to access video lectures and course materials as educational content within the digital school. With the digital school, teachers can easily benefit from the carefully prepared process so that their students can check the distribution of homework, homework tracking and homework submission online. Teachers and students can reinforce the missing lessons and assignments in the study system together with the digital school. With the measurement and evaluation mechanism, it can make report cards in accordance with the exam results and can easily perform all the operations and movements of the student.


Thanks to the digital school platforms, it can easily form the triangle of teachers, parents and students with the reporting portal, while increasing the quality of education at the same time. It is the most effective reason for the quality of education and the establishment of a healthy bond between the teacher and the student in digital school platforms, which are instantly utilized from all areas of education and training. The system, which provides 24/7 access, offers fast access, easy use and enriched content. Digital school platforms, powered by technology, provide permanent success habits such as research, goal setting, socialization and planning. It includes teachers, students and parents into a more dynamic school portfolio.  It provides easy access to education from anywhere. With the digital school, you can easily get different consultancy services. Data-based tracking feature, digital portfolio, virtual experiments and technology classes and simultaneous and different-time trainings are also used in the technological education system.

In terms of students and parents, who are included in the system that pioneered the understanding of education of the new age, the success rates due to the support they receive in the learning processes thanks to the digital schools are increasing day by day. Education levels are also increasing due to the monitoring of students’ personal and academic progress, along with teacher opinions, and also because the observed increases in project and academic developments are on the rise with digital school platforms. The digital school system, which is predominantly used by kindergarten, primary school, middle school and high school classes, makes a significant contribution to the increase in the education level by having the chance to intervene immediately to all the subjects and information that students lack or fall behind, with intelligent measurement, evaluation and detailed performance analyzes.

It is also very easy to create all the necessary calendars in digital school systems.

In the digital school system, the subject and the acquisition progress in a very pleasant way. This factor is one of the biggest reasons for the increase in students’ participation in classes.

In addition to the digital school, kindergarten, primary school, middle school and high school, it plays an important role in the preparation processes for TYT and AYT. It is recommended to be used as the right choice in order to be able to act together with the student in these preparation processes, to walk together in a planned and optional way in line with student preferences, and to create a roadmap for reaching goals. It has been recorded as the most preferred and most trusted new education system of recent times in achieving success in the triangle of teachers, students and parents and increasing the quality of education, with digital schools where learning is not limited with lesson exit bells.

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