One of the Best LMS Software According to the 2024 Capterra Value Report: Vedubox!


Discover Vedubox, the Favorite Choice of Flight Schools at IFTE 2024!

Vedubox is set to make a significant impact at IFTE 2024, a milestone event in Turkey’s aviation education. We invite you to visit our Vedubox stand, number C2, at Atatürk Airport during this prestigious fair on May 3-4-5.

Turkey’s elite flight schools such as Turkish Airlines Flight Academy, Davut Flight Schools, Atac Aviation, and ERAH Aviation, leaders in the sector, prefer Vedubox’s innovative solutions for aviation training. Vedubox aims for excellence in education with its specially designed learning platforms that comply with aviation regulations.

One of the highlights of the fair will be the presentation by Vedubox CEO Bilgin Yazar on May 4 at 13:00, titled “Hybrid Education and Artificial Intelligence in Pilot Training.” This presentation will delve into hybrid learning models in aviation education and the role of artificial intelligence.

IFTE 2024 offers a unique platform to explore the latest developments in aviation education and technology, connect directly with leaders in your field, and discover opportunities that could shape your career. We would be delighted to see you at the Vedubox stand. Let’s shape the future of education together!

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