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RE/MAX Turkey, the master franchise brand of RE/MAX, a global real estate company in more than 100 countries, provides brokerage services in real estate purchase and sale. Real estate company RE/MAX Turkey, which provides service in 55 cities of Turkey, increases the knowledge of its employees with various trainings it regularly delivers to its employees.

Using an effective and functional digital training program is valuable for RE/MAX Turkey, which has over 4,300 real estate agents. 

What RE/MAX Turkey needed

RE/MAX Turkey encountered problems such as the malfunction of the modules promised in the e-learning services, technical infrastructure problems, and difficulty in accessing technical support. Infrastructure problems in the training offered to a large number of people not only caused loss of money and time but also reduced motivation.

RE/MAX Turkey, while working with its consultants, needed to change the learning system. In order to achieve all this, they were searching for a platform to be able to make the modules of the planned 6-month training sustainable and interesting for the user. RE/MAX Turkey prioritized certain features, especially in order to create a corporate interactive network and to offer effective digital training.

  • E-learning,
  • Distance Learning,
  • Live lesson,
  • Broadcasting video lectures,
  • Webinar and 
  • Organizing meetings were very important for RE/MAX to make corporate internal communications more effective and training more productive in this network.

Solutions of Vedubox

Vedubox succeeded in eliminating many problems for RE/MAX Turkey, thanks to its practical ways of communicating with its representatives and facilitating the training process.

RE/MAX Turkey has made the training process more effective, efficient and useful with Vedubox, a system that eliminates all problems such as technical infrastructure failures, difficulties in the seamless operation of modules and access to technical support.

For example, with Vedubox, they can measure the initial knowledge level of the person and what and how much they have learned afterwards. Moreover, Vedubox contributes to the quality of education as a platform that responds to the need to weigh how permanent the knowledge can be by using the exam module after the training provided.

During distance education, Vedubox also provides the opportunity to monitor the user’s attendance status, thanks to its customizable features such as watching the training videos sequentially and not being able to switch from one training video to the next before completing. Thus, it facilitates the control of the process for RE/MAX.

In addition to training videos that make training more effective, the interactive environment in live classes paved the way for more effective training. Therefore, the trainer can reply to all the questions during the class without delay.

Along with these functional features in the training modules, RE/MAX Turkey uses the payment module to receive training payments. For training such as RE/MAX Turkey offers to a very high number of participants, the convenience that such a module will create is indisputable. 

The Benefits for RE/MAX

Efficiency can be considered multidimensional for companies of this scale. First of all, being able to measure how much has been learned from the training and seeing what the training brings to the participants are among the important criteria. It is possible to see how well the information is settled thanks to Vedubox’s exam modules.

While, in the previous face-to-face RE/MAX training, participants attended the training for 5 days, now, they attended for 3 days in a week thanks to this program. They complete the training over Vedubox in a period of 6 months. At the same time, expenses such as accommodation, food and travel are eliminated during the education period. In other words, it is possible to receive training with a system that is much more affordable for the participant.  

For RE/MAX, with the use of Vedubox, it has become possible to create a reduction in trainer costs without sacrificing efficiency by focusing on e-learning.

Besides the reduction in the cost of training, Vedubox also allowed the company to reach areas that were previously inaccessible for training. As a brand operating in 55 cities, RE/MAX Turkey had previously given face-to-face training only in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir. Now they can easily reach other cities using Vedubox, an effective and accessible platform. It is now possible to attend the training opened by the company in all 55 provinces where the brand is located. This is a very important change for the company, which increases its efficiency. 

We also see a very positive transformation in terms of learning quality. The knowledge gained through a compact 5-day training stays on the participant’s agenda during the training and is learned. However, this information is likely to be forgotten unless it is refreshed after this short training period. On the other hand, a training program designed over a long period of 6 months certainly gives a much more permanent and effective result. During this long training process, the participants, who were employees of the company, had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and learn more. For the company, this means the advantage of generating more revenue. 

If it is necessary to make an evaluation on the basis of Net Promoter Score, the management tool used to measure loyalty in customer relations, we can say that the use of Vedubox creates very positive results for RE/MAX Turkey. According to the company, the net promoter score was 60% with classroom training before the use of Vedubox, but it has increased to 98% with training conducted over Vedubox. This significant difference is an important indicator of the efficiency and positive effects of the Vedubox e-learning platform.

To summarize, we can list the effects of using Vedubox in the training process of RE/MAX Turkey as follows:

  • Reduced costs for both the participant and the company
  • Ease of use with effective and accessible technical support and correctly working modules
  • Time-saving for both the employees participating in the training and the company
  • Increase in the accessibility of education
  • increased revenues
  • Improvement in learning with more efficient training thanks to the effective training platform
  • Net promoter score increasing with the highest satisfaction of nearly every participant

In addition to digital training, interactive live lessons, with Vedubox, which offers webinars and digital meeting options, RE/MAX provides better support to its large team and continues its collaboration with Vedubox effectively. Thanks to the platform, it manages to provide a quality service with its real estate consultants, who are getting better every day.