One of the Best LMS Software According to the 2024 Capterra Value Report: Vedubox!

What is Vedubox ?

Vedubox was established to provide a unified solution for distance education and communication through a single platform.

Vedubox = Virtual Education Box

Vedubox is designed to bring together features that facilitate remote communication, collaboration and learning.

Everything you need for remote education and communication with unified and customizable features, all in one place!

As a cloud-based platform that brings together 4 main features among many other supportive attributes, it operates as an innovative, integrated communication and learning management system.


Online and hybrid courses


Online test and exam


Video Conference


Content management system

Easy to set up, totally secure.

Vedubox differentiates itself from its competitors by utilizing the cloud services of the world’s largest technology companies

Vedubox Nedir?

Why did we start Vedubox?

Once upon a time, when everybody started doing business and training online, they were using separate systems and applications for training/learning management, communication, video conferencing, content development, course selling and more. Everything was separated. 

Digitalization, while bringing all its advantages, also introduced challenges

This became a significant problem: As organizations rapidly grew, they had to struggle to maintain their employees’ interest, productivity, and happiness. There was a need for an effective integrated unified platform. Especially as companies and organizations began to manage more work digitally, this need became much more critical to strengthen their backbones

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The solution came with Vedubox: an integrated platform composed of best practices and cloud infrastructure to provide an all-in-one learning management and communication solution.

Beyond being a platform that makes life easier, Vedubox transformed into a platform that people love to use.

Discover all the features of Vedubox.


Today, Vedubox is the go-to integrated learning management platform for more than 300,000 users around the world, who are now more engaged, more collaborative, and more on top of their work than ever before.

Vedubox is offering cloud-based and white-label SaaS to its users. Corporate companies, start-ups, government bodies, training centres, schools, non-profit organizations, universities and tutors use Vedubox in an annual or monthly plan.

Find the best plan for you and join them now.