One of the Best LMS Software According to the 2024 Capterra Value Report: Vedubox!


All the features you need for online education are in Vedubox. Provide online education for your preschool, K-12, university students or move your private education institutions to digital. Create your online school or course by bringing together all your online education processes under one roof at no additional cost.

Your online school or online course is ready with Vedubox

With Vedubox, prepare your training, make tests and exams, and manage the entire education process from the same spot. Introduce your users to the best online learning technologies.


Support self-paced learning.

Let your students learn at their own pace with the virtual library, where you can upload educational content in different formats and record live lessons for later viewing. Support different learning styles by providing visual, audio, and text-based resources.


Make online exams safe.

Choose from different security measures to perform online exams in the periods you specify. With the exam module, you can take online exams with the help of a supervisor or web camera within the scope of the permissions you want.


Track students' progress.

Easily report student attendance, completed courses and assignments, their success, and progress. Track each student with the reporting and analysis module efficiently. If you wish, encourage your successful students by giving them certificates.

Easy to install, very secure.

Vedubox differentiates itself from competitors by using cloud services from the largest technology companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.


Increase engagement in live lessons.

Create a classroom environment by giving live online lessons. Promote the active participation of students with interactive technologies in your lessons. Use the smartboard actively with your students or have them share questions and ideas verbally or in writing during the lesson.


Enrich the experience with blended learning.

Use online communication channels so that face-to-face lessons and online lessons with your students can be harmonious with each other. Share the resources and materials you use in the physical classroom through the system. Make it easy for your students to follow lectures in two different environments.


Help parents actively participate.

Encourage parent involvement, which is an important part of the learning process, especially for preschool and K-12 students. Create a special user account for parents and allow them to follow their students’ progress depending on the permissions you grant.

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