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Privacy and Security

Vedubox complies with the applicable national laws and international regulations concerning privacy and security.

Vedubox is fully GDPR compliant.

Certificates held by Vedubox:

ISO/IEC 27001:2017: This standard demonstrates that we manage the security of our information according to the best globally accepted practices. The ISO 27001 certification indicates that we protect customer and employee information, manage risks effectively, and comply with other regulations. Click here to view the certificate.

ISO 9001:2015: Compliance with ISO 9001 confirms the quality of our products and the efficiency of our processes. The standard also shows that we consistently produce products that meet customer requirements and fulfill all relevant legal obligations. Click here to view the certificate.

ISO 27701: Ensures that no provision of GDPR is unintentionally violated. ISO/IEC 27701 is an extension to the information security management system that includes privacy criteria, based on ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002 (Information Security Controls). The international standard ISO 27701 provides guidelines for the protection of privacy and the processing of personal data. Click here to view the certificate.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

Vedubox is hosted exclusively on Microsoft Azure. Azure is known for its data centers with high quality and security certifications, designed to withstand all kinds of threats.

  • Application Security

We continuously and carefully monitor, correct, and prevent security vulnerabilities to keep our users and their data safe.

  • Internal Security

We support a security culture at Vedubox, ensuring that all employees understand its importance.

Security of Personal Data:

For the security of personal data, Microsoft provides security documents.

Your card information is securely transmitted, stored, and processed on a PCI-compliant network using secure encryption, which is the same level of encryption used by leading banks.

Credit card information is never stored in the Vedubox infrastructure.

Regarding the hosting of personal data abroad, end-users are informed with the KVKK approval, and system administrators can provide additional information by customizing the KVKK according to their requirements. Detailed information on this topic is available at the following links: