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Efficiently Manage Your Guidance and Mentoring Appointments with Vedubox

Vedubox’s Guidance Appointment Module offers the most practical way to manage appointments for institutions, hospitals, course providers, coaches, psychologists, and anyone in need. 

Now you can quickly set up and manage online appointments with your users. You have access to all the necessary features with just one click. Organize your appointments on the live education calendar and adjust time slots according to your preferences.

Easily Manage and Keep Track of Your Appointments!

Automate your guidance and mentoring appointment process with Vedubox. Schedule appointments with the people you want amidst your busy work schedule and enjoy digitizing your guidance processes.

What Can You Do with the Vedubox Guidance Appointment Module?

  • Instructors can determine their available time slots.
  • Appointments can be created based on courses or instructors.
  • Appointment durations can be set as “15, 20, 30, 40, 45, and 60” minutes according to your preference.
  • The number of appointments users can create can be limited as desired.
  • You can adjust which instructors can accept appointments through the system.
  • Guidance and mentoring appointments can be easily tracked on the live calendar.

Start Creating Your First Certificate Now

Enable your users and participants to interact easily with just a few simple steps. Activate the Guidance and Mentoring appointment area in your Vedubox system to transparently present your communication channels.

For detailed information, visit the Vedubox Help Center.