One of the Best LMS Software According to the 2024 Capterra Value Report: Vedubox!

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Vedubox Premium

With Vedubox Premium, everything you need for online training and remote working is blended.

All the features you need for your online academy and remote work processes are available in one platform with Vedubox Premium!

Learn more about the three core Vedubox products that come together in Premium.
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Vedubox Live

Vedubox Live has all the necessary features for your online meeting and webinar needs.
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Vedubox LMS

Vedubox LMS offers training and content management features together to make online education more effective.
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Vedubox Exam

Using Vedubox Exam, create a pool with the questions in different formats and organize online exams.

Highlights of Vedubox Premium

Administrator Features

User Management

Create as many groups as you want by categorizing users with Vedubox Premium. Activate different features for the instructor, user, parent, and manager. Easily share your educational content only with relevant users and groups.

Content Management

If you want to allow the replay of online sessions and training you have performed with Vedubox Premium, you can automatically save them to Rewatch section. Add resources in different formats to the cloud-based library and help your users access more information.

Process Management

Use a single platform for your online meeting, online training, and webinar organizations. Easily organize your training with the Dynamic Live Training Calendar. Send e-mail and SMS notifications to your users for your live lessons and track attendance with the Attendance Report.
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Reporting and Analysis

Follow the progress of the users with detailed training reports throughout the training. Easily track the participation in live events and how actively they use the resources in the system. Automatically report and analyze attendance with the Attendance Report.

Mobile Compatibility

Vedubox Premium is accessible from desktop and mobile devices. In this way, your participants can attend training and meetings even when they are not using their computers. They can easily use other features that you have made available in the system.

Training and Content Management Features


Live Training

Create a virtual classroom with Vedubox Premium, which enhances video conferencing software by adding online education features. Automatically record your live trainings to the system, allowing participants to revisit them whenever they want.
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Online Exam

Conduct tests, quizzes, and exams using your question bank created with questions in different formats to organize online exams. Evaluate the exams without delay with detailed exam reports. Follow the development of users throughout the education with detailed training reports.


Encourage participants to complete the training using gamification techniques in education. Prepare a Learning Path where you give them points for completing assignments and tasks. Motivate them with rewards when they pass certain stages.
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Increase the interaction of participants using socialization networks. Make it easy for users to message each other or the instructor. Increase interaction with Q&A and in-training surveys. Encourage trainees to work together by creating workgroups.

Interactive Technologies

Access interactive learning technologies under one roof with Vedubox Premium. Add questions to interactive videos or utilize an interactive smartboard for your live trainings.
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Online Certificate

Issue online certificates to participants who demonstrate success in games, on the learning path, or in exams, or to those who complete the training. You can use custom-designed certificates or choose from the certificates offered by the system.

Combine the powers of the Learning Management System (LMS), Live, and Exam products with
Vedubox Premium!