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What is an Interactive Video?

Vedubox Interactive Video is an online learning solution that allows you to create interactive and dynamic videos. Interactive videos respond to users’ choices in real time, directly over the video. By this way, it engages users in the learning process and offers a unique e-learning experience. Easily make your online training interactive; involve users in training processes and increase learning efficiency.

What is Interactive Video?

  • Without a need for an additional program, you can add the questions you have created in the advanced question pool module of Vedubox to the moments you want in the videos.
  • These questions are asked to users at specified times of the video and you can measure their success in detail by scoring.
  • If participants cannot answer the question correctly, the video could be set to be watched from the beginning; you can add a total passing grade to the questions in the video.
  • Thus, the users interactively participate while watching the video, keep on reinforcing the content, and assimilate.

What are the benefits?

  • In order to complete the content, the participant is obliged to watch the video without leaving the screen and needs to answer the questions.

  • Watching videos becomes fun with interaction.

  • The topics in the video are better reinforced with questions.

  • The progress can be viewed in detail by reporting the user’s status on the relevant subject with the answers to the questions.

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