According to the 2024 Capterra Report, Vedubox is one of the best learning management software.

Vedubox Live

Plan and track your team’s online training process easily.

Schedule your team’s live training; automatically notify attendees via SMS and email notifications. Keep live training records and report the whole process.

Highlights of Vedubox Live

Administrator Features

Process Management

Easily organize your training with the Dynamic Live Training Calendar. Create a live event using the calendar screen, provide the direct recording to events and take automatic attendance.

Easy Participation

When you use Vedubox Live, you don’t need to send a link manually to participate. The participation link is automatically shared with registered members, or users can join the session by clicking the link in the system-integrated calendar.

Customizable System

Add the Video Meeting and Webinar features you need to Vedubox Live for your meetings. Combine the opportunities of Vedubox Live and Vedubox Exam to conduct online exams.

Contact our team to get information about the features you need for online training.

With Vedubox Live, customize the system using the features you need and only pay for the features you use.

System Integrations

Vedubox joins forces with the world’s latest technology products. Vedubox Live adds online training features to video conferencing tools. Enables sending e-mail and SMS notifications to users for live trainings.

Mobile Compatibility

Vedubox Live is accessible on different devices. In this way, even if your participants do not use the computer, they can attend the training and access other features easily without sacrificing quality.

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Training and Content Management Features


Live Training

With Vedubox Live, you can perform live training by using video conferencing tools within the system. Video and web conferencing tools are integrated with Vedubox Live.



Automatically save your online sessions and training in the Replay section or inside the training to allow replaying. So, facilitate self-paced learning and reinforcement of knowledge.


Online Exam and Test

With the advanced online Exam and Test module to be integrated into Vedubox Live additionally, perform secure exams in the presence of a supervisor. Use different formats of documents and question types to prepare exams. Automatically report the exam results.


Reporting and Analysis

Easily keep track of participation in the live events and how actively they use the resources in the system. Automatically report and analyze attendance with the Attendance Report.



Make meetings and training more interactive with Live Survey modules. Add questions to the interactive video for your video training, or boost the engagement in live training with an interactive smartboard.


Select the training or meeting you want to schedule on Vedubox’s live training calendar; enter the required information, add it to the calendar and create your training/meeting.

Veduobox is integrated with video and web conferencing tools. The web conferencing infrastructure you choose will be automatically valid for all trainings and meetings you will hold over Vedubox Live.

The live training system adds additional features to your online meetings, events and webinars. With the video conferencing system, you can make your corporate training plans, send notifications via SMS and email, and automatically archive the trainings and events you have held to be rewatched.

You can create your live broadcasts without the need to share links, as it is fully integrated with video conferencing system infrastructures. You can also set the broadcast password in the waiting room security settings and access the detailed mail IP information of the people participating in the broadcast from the participant reports.

You can broadcast as many streams as the number of licenses you have purchased for your video conferencing infrastructure. There are no limitations.

With the fully integrated system, the broadcasts you want to record are automatically recorded in the ‘watch again’ section. Users registered for training and meetings can access and watch recordings whenever they want.

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