One of the Best LMS Software According to the 2024 Capterra Value Report: Vedubox!

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Vedubox for Webinar & Virtual Classroom

Plan your session, record participants and report on a single platform with Vedubox, which meets the common needs of the webinar and the virtual classroom. All together!

Vedubox helps you organize your own virtual classroom or webinar with the best audio and video quality.

Strengthen Your Webinars and Virtual Classes

Create virtual classroom, analyze participants’ progress, easily manage the whole process with all-in-one virtual classroom software.


Practical and fast

Organize interactive lessons with your students in virtual classroom rooms. Communicate with clear picture and sound without the hassle of bandwidth. Simplify management and engagement with its user-friendly interface. Share files in different formats such as Microsoft Office, video and multimedia files in a dynamic environment during the session.


Process management

Create a virtual class calendar, invite your target audience, sell safely on the sales portal. Enable participation in your live events with one click. Schedule your live lessons and hold your online meetings and trainings with your participants without wasting time.

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Easy setup

To create a webinar or virtual class at Vedubox, you just need to register in the system. Vedubox offers everything necessary for installation as a cloud-based system. Our support team is always with you to start planning your virtual lessons and webinars without the need for an additional team or technical knowledge.

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Integrated system

Vedubox differentiates itself from the competitors by using the cloud services of the biggest technology companies. For your live sessions, you can use video conferencing tools within the system. The system brings together the technologies you currently use under one roof and enriches it with additional features.

Highlights for administrators

Vedubox will make your work easier with its easy user interface, advanced reporting features and interactive solutions.

Participant registration

Let attendees register online for your webinar and virtual classes with the information you want.

Interactive Board

Collaborate with participants on a blank board, presentation or picture, hold interactive live sessions.

Screen sharing

Share the whole or a part of your screen whenever you need with the live lesson system.

Sharing a Presentation

Add files to live lessons such as MS Office, PDF, all kinds of pictures, videos, and if you want, share them for download by the participants.


Automatically record the sessions you perform in the virtual classroom program and share it with users for rewatching.


Participants can easily interact with each other and with the instructor or presenter with the chat feature.


Keep the participants’ interest high with instant surveys, and get the survey results instantly with the virtual classroom software.

Multilingual system

Vedubox virtual classroom program makes it easy to use for your participants from different countries with its multilingual interface.

Reminder notifications

Remind registered users that the session is approaching and how to join by sending an e-mail or SMS automatically.

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