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Casper Case Study

Casper, which has over 1200 service and sales points as of 2009, is a well-established company based in Turkey that produces computers and by-products.

Casper, which was founded in 1991 by 3 entrepreneurs and is still growing and serving in a much wider area, currently has more than 65 stores. Casper is one of the largest computer manufacturer companies in Europe and the Middle East with its facilities to produce 5,000 computers per day. The needs of the transforming company are shaped accordingly, and this change reveals itself especially in digital education.

What Casper needed 

Among the main problems Casper has experienced in the field of e-learning before, there are  

  • the test tracking of the videos on YouTube being not fast and functional enough,
  • manual processes causing loss of labour and time,
  • not well-promoted products
  • not getting enough information.

Casper was in search of new solutions in a new e-learning and learning field, as they frequently encountered these problems, which reduced the efficiency in the workplace. The main goal was to make the training modules more practical and efficient for the user. An comprehensive platform was required for this.

  • e-learning,
  • live lessons,
  • YouTube videos,
  • course broadcasts with video,
  • sustainable distance education,
  • organizing online meetings,

were very important points for Casper’s digital training in order to create an effective network and to get high efficiency from the trainings.

Solutions of Vedubox

Collaborating with Casper, Vedubox has prepared a plan that enables Casper to gain a practical and functional understanding of education in the field of e-learning.

Casper succeeded in making the e-learning process much more effective, efficient and faster by using Vedubox. The system can solve all problems such as technical infrastructure deficiencies, issues  in automatic execution of transactions, speed and communication problems, modules not working correctly and effectively.


For example, the company used to manually track the videos uploaded to YouTube for training. The introduction of the Vedubox system has automated works that cause time and effort when conducted manually.

As another example, individual accounts were opened for Casper dealers and store employees. This enabled these individuals to get to know the company’s products better and to become more productive in their work. In this way, a stronger bond was created between the employees and the company.

Vedubox offers another service: reporting processes. With this service, Casper could reveal more detailed data on the progress of e-training and modules, enabling the company to take action accordingly.

This system makes education more efficient, and the ability to create online meetings eliminates distances. It provides great benefits. The interactive environment created with live videos has increased the quality of education to a much higher level. 

With Vedubox distance education videos, you can quickly control the participation of the users thanks to the personalized features and the function of the users not being able to switch from one video to another.

The Benefits for Casper

The cooperation of the company, one of Turkey’s technology giants, with Vedubox brought major changes in Casper’s internal communication. Thanks to the system, which eliminates the limits of distances, both employees and managers commenced to save time and gain higher efficiency from their lives and training. 

The system provides the opportunity to save not only time but also space and to give remote in-house training in comfortable environments. This also eliminated the expenses of the users such as accommodation, travel and food. In this way, digital training has become much more affordable for the user.

With Vedubox, participation in training and the level of learning in e-learning also increased significantly. With the control systems that ensure that the trainings are carried out without interruption, problems such as skipping the classes and not participating in the classes have been prevented. With the elimination of time and place restrictions in trainings and becoming more affordable, the participation of users in trainings increased.

Vedubox has made internal communication much stronger for Casper. This situation greatly increased the commitment and productivity of employees, managers, in short, all personnel.

Conducting in-house training content and exams online now contributes to the environment, allowing companies to get rid of paper waste. Especially in today’s conditions, where environmentally friendly companies are increasing, becoming conscious about this issue has come to the fore as a very positive feature for the image of the company.

To summarize, we can list the contributions of working with Vedubox to the Casper training world as follows:

  • The decrease in spending for both participants and the company,
  • Increasing participation and convenient access to education,
  • The personnel and managers participating in the training will be able to save time and space,
  • Higher efficiency in digital education and better learning,
  • Easy and practical use with modules with effective technical support,
  • Easy control of the training process and educators,
  • Higher satisfaction rates of the participants,
  • Internal communication becomes much stronger.

Casper has achieved a great innovation in the digital field with Vedubox, which offers results such as interactive live lessons, online meetings and conferences, fast and easy use, practicality in the control system. The company increased efficiency and participation in classes with modules, and increased personnel satisfaction in in-house communication with its cooperation with Vedubox. Casper continues to demonstrate its difference in the sector with its more experienced and well-equipped employees.