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Numesys Case Study

Numesys is one of the leaders in the software market. They create innovative designs and ideas in complex engineering calculations. Moreover, they regard the needs of the industry carefully with the help of an expert engineer team. 

They provide technical support for R&D, localization, and nationalization processes. In addition, they can offer integrated design, analysis, verification, and optimization services to companies in many sectors, especially defense and aerospace.

The areas of work

Numesys provides:

  • the distributorship of leading engineering analysis software,
  • technical support services regarding any problems in software,
  • different training in various expertise areas and levels,

What Numesys Needed?

Before working with Vedubox, Numesys were giving face-to-face training about the usage of software they distributed. They had no technological infrastructure or an online education platform. They organized training classes in Ankara, Izmir, and Istanbul. 

However, they faced many challenges concerning audience reach and access to materials because of the formal education model. Firstly, the physical classroom could include 20 people at maximum. That’s why this model limited the number of people they provide education. 

Besides, they could not offer the students ready-to-consume materials such as recorded video lectures. If students have not come to classes due various reasons, they would have gotten lost in the curriculum.

Therefore, Numesys started to search for an online education platform to:

  • host live lessons,
  • record live lessons for rewatching,
  • share video lectures,
  • give assignments,
  • reach larger audiences,
  • eliminate limitations of time and place.

Solutions of Vedubox

Numesys established the Numesys learning portal in April 2019 with cooperation with Vedubox. They have transformed the most common and popular training modules into video lectures on this Vedubox-based eLearning platform. Thanks to Vedubox, Numesys offers their customers both formal education and online recorded content, webinars, and meetings.


The Numesys eLearning platform allows students to access course materials at any time. They can watch the courses they could not attend or rewatch those before exams. Thanks to technologies such as mobile learning and microlearning, students can continue their education from anywhere at any time.

Less Cost, More Profit

Formal education requires many things for educators, students, and the company. For example, the model requires a physical classroom environment, electricity, food, transportation costs, and more. Vedubox reduced educational costs enormously by making education mobile. 

This way, Numesys eliminated such expenses and eventually increased their revenue by reaching more students. That’s a solid reason to choose Vedubox.

Larger Audience Reach

Vedubox allowed Numesys to reach individuals that were previously inaccessible for formal training. That results from the physical classroom capacity and the limited cities classes are available. For example, the company had previously provided face-to-face training only in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. Now they can easily reach others using Vedubox, an effective and accessible platform.

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The Benefits for Numesys

Numesys and Vedubox have been working together since 2019. At this point, looking at Numesys’ 2020 report can reveal crucial data.

Simply in 2020, they organized 193 formal and online education in total. These equaled 257 days and reached approximately 8000 individuals. Moreover, they hosted 84 online webinars, meaning at least once a week. Their education evaluation scores are 4.54 out of 5. 

According to 2021 data, they have a total of 3000+ users and 30+ educational content uploaded to their system. We can say Vedubox succeeded in maximizing their audience reach. 

What else? Most importantly, utilizing the same platform for the entire educational process enables easy management and control of training. Some of the other benefits Vedubox provide for Numesys are as follows:

  • Increase in revenue due to more visibility,
  • High customer satisfaction,
  • High-quality lectures in uninterrupted speed,
  • Elimination of time and place, thus becoming a more popular brand,
  • Less educational costs,
  • Flexibility.

Lastly, Vedubox carefully listens to the demands and needs of every client. That also holds for our collaboration with Numesys. 

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