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Bamboo Success Stories

Bamboo Volunteer Education Platform brings volunteer educators and children together. Their primary target group is disadvantaged children who face socio-economic hardships in the educational process. They aim to eliminate opportunity gaps among students by providing digital solutions since October 2019. 

The areas of work

  • Volunteer educators give students private lectures within the scope of the curriculum. 
  • If students need psychological support before exams, educators provide guidance. 
  • The platform organizes events and workshop programs for parents and educators.
  • They encourage parents and educators to support childrens’ talents and imagination.

What Bamboo Needed?

Bamboo started their online lessons in October 2019, not long before the pandemic. They were not employing an online education platform then. When they reached out to larger audiences during the pandemic, they needed a more organized method to continue. 

Finally, Bamboo started to search for a distance education platform that might help them to:

  • host video conferences,
  • share video lectures,
  • organize live lessons,
  • make quizzes and exams,
  • conduct online meetings or webinars,
  • create a flexible and easy-to-use learning path. 

Bamboo wanted to expand their capacity and improve their capabilities in the eLearning field. Besides, Bamboo’s two main goals are as follows:

  • a more practical and efficient training module,
  • a tracking system for student progress and educational success.

Solutions of Vedubox

Vedubox is an all-in-one online education platform Bamboo needed to achieve their goals. During the collaboration with Bamboo, Vedubox offered many diverse solutions specific to Bamboo’s organizational needs.

User-friendly Interface

Most importantly, Vedubox has a user-friendly interface that reduces technical problems or confusion in the platform. In addition, a clear and organized learning path for students and volunteer educators facilitates the progress in the module. 

Interactive Communication

Moreover, Vedubox enables interactive and fast communication via some features such as Chats, Video Calls, or Newsfeed. These features improve the interaction between volunteer educators and students. This way, students will get quick answers or help when needed.

Moreover, Vedubox allows students to ask whatever they want during a video and live lecture. This way, they can have a more interactive education that addresses their needs, questions, and worries.

Tracking the Student Progress

Vedubox enables volunteer educators and students to create their accounts in the system. Then, the Bamboo team can assign different roles to diverse users such as students, administrators, parents, instructors. This feature facilitates the tracking of user activities.

For instance, one of the students should have watched a video lecture but did not. Instructors might notice that easily and get in contact to ask why. That’s one of the most significant factors why Bamboo preferred Vedubox. 

Moreover, Vedubox Exam and regular assignments show how much the students have learned within the module.


Vedubox offers yet another service for tracking: reporting. Daily or weekly reports could reveal many insights regarding student progress or the efficiency of modules. In addition, to motivate their students, Bamboo gives digital certificates to successful ones. These reports helped Bamboo continuously improve. 

Discover all the necessary features of Vedubox for online education.

The Benefits for Bamboo

Since its establishment, Bamboo has incorporated 1.800+ voluntary educators and 9.000+ students into their organization. They organized 19.000+ one-to-one online lectures along with 1.000+ psychological support meetings. Moreover, Bamboo arranged 2.200 workshops designed for children and 38 for grown-ups. 

Vedubox brought significant changes and improvements in Bamboo’s education model. Most importantly, utilizing the same platform for the entire educational process enables easy management and control of training.

To summarize, we can list the contributions of Vedubox to the Bamboo’s working as follows:

  • Easy access to education,
  • Easy management of training, thus saving time and effort,
  • Minimum technical problems with a user-friendly interface,
  • Improved communication among users and educators,
  • Easy tracking of student progress and training success. 

Lastly, Vedubox carefully listens to the demands and needs of every client. That also holds for our collaboration with Bamboo. 

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