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Deha Education Institutions Success Stories

Deha Educational Institutions has become a national brand in the education and publishing fields. As of today, they continue the educational activities, which started in 2001, with six offices. All teaching practices and course presentations are the same in every office. 

The areas of work

For the first time in Turkey, they provide training for:

  • SMMM Internship Entry, 
  • SMMM Qualification exams,
  • Independent Audit exams.

Additionally, they own a publishing company that produces workbooks and study materials regarding these exams. 

What Deha Needed?

Deha has been providing online education for more than four years, thus before the pandemic. They organize live lessons and create recorded video lectures. Earlier, they were uploading these videos and all lecture materials manually into the old system.

This process was taking too much time and effort. When these manual processes caused loss of labor and time, they needed a more practical and efficient platform to use.

They started to look for an online education platform that might help them to:

  • upload video lectures,
  • give live lessons,
  • store lecture materials such as workbooks and tests,
  • make quizzes and exams,
  • create a flexible and easy-to-use learning path,
  • solve technical problems without difficulty,
  • sell courses via a sales portal.

Deha wanted to extend their capacity and enhance their capabilities in the eLearning area. Their main goal was to manage the education process automatically, thus saving time, effort, and money. 

Solutions offered by Vedubox

Vedubox delivered all the solutions Deha needed to accomplish their goals. In their collaboration, Vedubox provided many useful features helping their online education skills to expand and advance.

Large Storage Area

For Deha, creating an archive is quite significant. Firstly, they enable users to return to earlier materials whenever they want. Moreover, they facilitate educators’ jobs by forming ready-to-use materials/modules. Hence, Vedubox offers a large storage area allowing both parties to enjoy these conveniences and create unique digital libraries.

Easy and Automatic Management

Deha earlier published their videos and study material manually. With Vedubox, these processes became automatic and easy. Now they can upload even 30 or 40-minute videos to the system within minutes. That is a much more efficient method and a solid reason to choose Vedubox.

Flexibility & Easy Access

Deha has a large audience coming from different geographies. Therefore, they needed an online education platform, allowing the global users to enter the system anywhere. Here, Vedubox offers them the same training independent of time and place.

24/7 Technical Support

First of all, the user-friendly interface reduces possible technical problems. Moreover, even in the case of any hardship, Vedubox offers flexible solutions and 24/7 technical support. This way, Deha doesn’t need to wait long hours, thus losing time. 

The motto is “fewer problems, quick solutions.”

Discover all the necessary features of Vedubox for online education.

The Benefits for Deha

Since its establishment, nearly 20,000 professionals have benefited from Deha’s activities and publications. That is a huge success and develops even further due to the unlimited benefits of online learning. Herein, Vedubox will accompany Deha in their online education journey. 

And, how does Vedubox contribute to Deha’s growth and success? Most importantly, utilizing the same platform for the entire educational process enables easy management and control of training.

We can list the contributions of Vedubox to the Deha’s activities as follows:

  • Easy access to education without the limits of time and place,
  • Easy management of training, thus saving time and effort,
  • Automatization of many processes such as video uploading,
  • Minimum technical problems and 24/7 technical support,
  • Efficient digital archives creation for both users and educators,
  • Reaching out to larger audiences, thus generating more revenue.

Lastly, Vedubox carefully listens to the demands and needs of every client. That also holds for our collaboration with Deha Educational Institutions. 

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