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Prota Altar Success Stories

Turkey’s two largest Autodesk business partners joined forces in July 2019 and established Prota Altar. They provide various services to different disciplines such as design, construction, infrastructure, architecture, visualization, and production.

Prota Altar serves many customers all over Turkey in their Ankara head office, Istanbul regional office, and with more than 50 employees. They ensure the customers receive the best level of service and industry expertise support.

The areas of work

Prota Altar has been one of the most successful companies in the Autodesk field. They provide:

  • sales expertise, 
  • various training, 
  • technical support, 
  • consultancy,
  • different expertise certificates for many Autodesk software.

What Prota Altar Needed?

Prota Altar started to focus on online education after the pandemic period. For their customers to continue their distance education without interrupting their work, they needed a branded online education platform.

They wanted this distance education platform to enable:

  • organizing video lectures,
  • hosting live lessons,
  • an interactive communication among users,
  • sell courses via a sales portal.,
  • providing digital certificates,
  • creating different levels of modules.

They considered different brands established abroad. However, they complained about late responses and lack of attention in their collaboration. Besides, one of their main goals was to increase brand awareness and reach out to larger audiences. 

Solutions of Vedubox

Vedubox is an all-in-one online education platform that provides all the necessary features for an educational process. Vedubox succeeded in eliminating many problems Prota Altar faced in previous partnerships, thanks to our fast communication and practical solutions.

Excellent Customer Experience

Vedubox pays close attention to the changing needs and expectations of their customers. As a result, they produce fast and easy solutions, thus providing reliable communication. Therefore, Vedubox creates trustworthy relations and long-standing partnerships. Similar to their collaboration with Prota Altar.

Reaching Diverse Audiences

Prota Altar wanted to catch the attention of diverse companies in different industries. Vedubox accomplishes that by providing an excellent educational service that can adapt to varying working areas. This way, Prota Altar could increase their visibility and brand exposure. 

Moreover, online education removes the limitations of time and place. Hence, Vedubox allows Prota Altar to reach audiences in every city of Turkey and abroad at the same time.

Customized Academy

Another way of increasing brand awareness is to create a customized online academy with your logo and message. Vedubox made this dream come true for Prota Altar. 

Besides, Vedubox allows Prota Altar to categorize specific study modules for each level, company, or various groups in the same company. That makes every client feel special. And a proper learning path and materials for each party provide more efficient training.

Provide Digital Certificates

A digital certificate can show your expertise and prove your quality. And in the Autodesk business, it is a must. Many companies might want to share their digital certificate on social media platforms such as LinkedIn or add it to their CVs. Prota Altar provides this service to their customers, thanks to Vedubox.

Discover all the necessary features of Vedubox for online education.

The Benefits for Prota Altar

Prota Altar has been operating in the field of software products since 1991. They have the titles of “Authorized Training Center” and” Authorized Certification Center.” 

Regarding the training of 3D Design, Architecture, Manufacturing, Civil, and Mechanical Engineering software, Prota Altar is the right destination. They provide nearly 100 different training modules at various levels. 

Well, how does Vedubox accompany Proto Altar in their online education journey? Most importantly, utilizing the same platform for the entire educational process enables easy management and control of training.

Moreover, some of the benefits Vedubox provide for Prota Altar are as follows:

  • Fast communication and quick solutions,
  • Various certification options,
  • Good quality branded online academy,
  • Increase in revenue due to more visibility,
  • High customer satisfaction,
  • High-quality lectures in uninterrupted speed,
  • Elimination of time and place, thus becoming a more global brand,
  • Easy adaptation of services for different industries, purposes, and needs.

Lastly, Vedubox carefully listens to the demands and needs of every client. That also holds for our collaboration with Deha Educational Institutions. 

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