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Vedubox: How E-Learning Can Benefit Your Business

Vedubox, a leading provider of eLearning software and services, has announced the launch of its all-in-one learning feature. These features include meeting, event, exam, certificate, portal, community and e-commerce management system, which allows businesses to build, market, and sell live courses, workshops, meet online, manage events and learning communities.

The innovative platform includes powerful functionality such as online meetings and webinars, online tests, training management, content management, and interactive and customized events, allowing organizations to boost engagement, increase revenue, and enhance bottom-line profitability.

CEO Bilgin YAZAR said: “Companies with products and services may have serious difficulties in terms of customer, reseller and personnel training, activities and communication. Today, doing such activities online offers many benefits such as space, time, cost, fast communication. In addition, there is a great need for integrated systems developed with a 360-degree perspective in the education sector. In addition to all these, the inadequacy of the technologies currently used by the rapidly digitalizing corporate business world after the pandemic leads them to find different solutions.”

The products in the market cannot meet the needs of the customers due to the limited features of the existing products, the need for and integration with different systems for the other needs of the customers, the outdated technologies, the insufficient support services, the inability to scale themselves according to the increasing customers, the lack of content development tools within the system. Today, the need for integrated online platforms is increasing. Existing systems meet only one aspect of the needs and cannot offer a holistic system to customers.

Their target audience uses different systems and methods for content sharing, training, meeting, event, training/membership sales. For example, they share content from platforms such as e-mail and Whatsapp, pays for training/membership by bank/transfer or uses different systems for this purpose, and organizes live training, meetings and events from different platforms. As a result, they try to do its work through many channels that are scattered and difficult to manage.

Vedubox Event Center also allows to create interactive and customizable events which is for public participants or just registered users

Baris Metiner, Sales and Marketing Director for Vedubox said : “Vedubox is a B2B SAAS system that provides all kinds of online training, exam-certificate, demo, promotion, marketing, meeting and communication needs of companies’ products and services for target audiences such as customers, dealers and personnel in an integrated way. In addition, it meets the online education system needs of NGOs and educational institutions, especially courses, training centers and academies.”

Vedubox requires no installation and is immediately available from the web. It has a very simple interface. As the number of users increases due to the B2B SAAS structure, the infrastructure grows organically. So scaling is no longer a problem. Thanks to technologies such as Zoom, Microsoft, Google, Vimeo, Mailchimp, which are integrated within the system, customers meet their expectations.

Vedubox works as a partner with many leading companies in the world. Zoom, Vimeo, Articulate, Techsmiths, Vyond, Powtoon, Plotagon, elearningbrothers, CenarioVR, iSpring, Flippingbook are among the companies we work with intensively.

Vedubox consists of 3 basic products: Live,  LMS, Exam, and all 3 products can be offered as integrated or separate. By offering 3 products integrated, the added value of each product increases and offers easy use. When we look at the market in general, there are LMS software, but this software does not include products such as Vedubox Live and Vedubox Exam. LMSs can be integrated into webinar/video conferencing products on the market, but they do not offer a good user experience and feature set. Features such as quiz and question in LMSs do not function as an Exam tool developed vertically. In addition, the combination of Vedubox Live and Vedubox Exam enables exams to be held and recorded under supervision via video conferencing.

Vedubox also has a marketplace feature which enables e-commerce in a sense that selling courses or subscription look like Udemy.


Finally, a solution was found with Vedubox: an integrated platform of the best applications and cloud infrastructures to create a unified learning management and communication solution for small and medium-sized businesses and training organizations in any industry. Vedubox is more than just a functional platform; it is a platform that people enjoy using.

About Vedubox was founded on the belief that an integrated cloud-based application in a single box can provide its users with a variety of features that simplify communication, collaboration, and learning. It was created and is still being developed as a solution to the chaotic use of digital tools for all company and organizational needs.

And now we have: is now the preferred integrated learning management platform for thousands of users worldwide, who are more engaged, collaborative, and on top of their work than ever before.

To learn more about Vedubox:

Vedubox is an “All in One Online Education and Communication System” developed for the needs of companies and educational institutions. Vedubox provides online learning management (LMS), question bank, quiz, exam, e-commerce, corporate portal, live scheduling, meeting, event, community management, Zoom, Google Meet, MS Team, gamification as a unified system with dozens of features. The system works according to the corporate identity (logo, colors, images and web address) determined by the customer..

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