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What Is Hybrid Learning

What Is Hybrid Learnıng And Hybrid Education?


Hybrid, which is literally used in the sense of mixed, has a widespread use in many areas of our lives. However, if it is necessary to deal with hybrid learning and hybrid education in the field of education and learning, in the digital age, it is used both on behalf of the distance digital school system by making use of technology, and on behalf of the students who receive old and traditional education in face-to-face classes, desks, and teachers who provide these trainings. As a hybrid education model, it can be defined as 40 percent face-to-face and 60 percent online, that is, distance education, mainly in universities. The hybrid education system, which is a blended learning model, also means face-to-face and online lessons in coeducation.

In the blended e-learning system that provides web-based learning, students can participate in hybrid education from anywhere and anytime. In hybrid education, which also offers the opportunity for teachers and students to discuss face to face, teachers and students have the freedom to use two different education and learning powers. With the development of technology, distance working and distance education have been showing their benefits every day since they have spread to our lives. Hybrid education and hybrid learning are the basis for using two different methods together. If hybrid learning and hybrid education are determined as a blended education system as online and face-to-face, we can consider online education as knowledge and comprehension, and base it on gaining and repeating knowledge and doing exercises for knowledge. But above all af this,  the first thing to know in hybrid learning and hybrid education is learning. After learning comes knowledge and understanding. After online education, face-to-face education covers further steps. It has processes such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation.  While this area continues with interactions, face-to-face education is given to the student.  In other words, it is possible to receive face-to-face and distance education in hybrid learning and hybrid education models. Hybrid learning model also means mixed learning model. The hybrid education model, on the other hand, is defined as a learning environment created by utilizing different educational philosophies enriched with online, that is, web-based online materials.


In hybrid learning and hybrid education system models, it is necessary not to participate in the new modeling education and training system with the mentality in which technological materials are used in order to support the blended learning system and traditional education. Because the balance in blended learning means that an online education institution should provide face-to-face education in addition to online education in order to increase efficiency. In order to take distance education and face-to-face education together, it is necessary to establish a serious balance between hybrid learning and hybrid education system, which is the newly developed model of both education systems.

It is very important to place the exam calendars to measure comprehension and knowledge proficiency in order to be able to make a report card, as well as to be able to be activated in education and training life as a result of the course schedules and the course hours to be taken and the time period in which the curricula are taught, in this balance. Hybrid learning and hybrid education are used to provide knowledge transfer by carrying out distance and face-to-face education together. In the balance created in the new education model that emerged as a result of the blending of the two education systems, it is aimed that the people who receive education and training complete their education both socially and in confidence in the comfort areas they are accustomed to. It is observed that there is an increase in the success of students who receive hybrid learning and hybrid education model, which is widely used all over the world, compared to other students who receive traditional education and training.

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