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What Is Intranet?


Due to the development of technology and the widespread use of home working systems, many institutions and organizations continue to work through the system called intranet network. Intranet network is the name given to the internal system between employees within the company. Intranet, a private network, is used to securely share company information and computing resources. A computer network that is used to share information, collaboration tools, operating systems, and other computing within an organization and ignores outside access. It is used to facilitate and accelerate the use of the intranet in groups or via teleconferences.

The intranet is often confused with the Internet. However, there are a number of fundamental differences between the internet and the intranet. The main difference between internet and intranet is that intranet is used privately only by people who can access LAN or VPN networks who are authenticated and authorized to log in, whereas internet is a public network that anyone can access. In short, we can distinguish the main difference between intranet and internet as intranet private access and internet as general access. While the Internet is a network environment where security problems can be experienced due to the fact that it is a public network that everyone has access to, the intranet provides a completely secure network environment due to its private nature. Intranet is limited to those who have access only. However, it has the feature of being a network open to unlimited users, where everyone can access the internet.

What is Intranet

While the internet is given the right to access unlimited information on its networks, it is used on the intranet only for those who have access and individuals with a login ID to access information. Many businesses set up intranets because of the organization of teamwork, communication, increasing efficiency and security. Though most businesses use the intranet to communicate between their teams, the intranet is much more than that.

The intranet, which provides e-mail, video, voice, instant messaging and social media integrations to improve internal communication, also provides better, faster and safer communication and information sharing between employees. Easy content management system and allows to publish, share updates and news easier and faster. It enables more than one employee to easily work on the same document and documents at the same time, and to view which employee used the last edit or share for what purpose and for which purpose.

It is also possible to access a snapshot of the last changes made on documents and documents and who made these changes. It is also possible to instantly and quickly share all content, operation and developments with all team and colleagues. It is recommended that information sharing be used in order to strengthen the brand identity as well as to spread it securely within the network.

One of the advantages of the intranet is the cost. In information transmission, all businesses save on many expenses such as maintenance, printing and telecommunication fees by establishing an intranet with low cost. Intranet also provides easy and secure use by bringing together work from all over the world due to its cloud feature. It increases the availability of the intranet with the ease of instant access to every information and document by the employees. It is also possible to use the information storage feature for the purpose of a communication center by storing all the information of all employees. Chat rooms, e-mail and group options, which are communication features, are also used in order to provide fast and economical communication and for all employees to express their ideas freely. In addition to the availability of all information, the ease of communication and access of all employees, the productivity increases are observed to a large extent thanks to the intranet, which is done so quickly and safely in the delivery of work. By using web technologies, you can make web publishing securely with the intranet, create a social working environment, strengthen the bond between employees and enable everyone to easily connect with each other. The intranet, which provides easy communication between different departments, is also a very fast mechanism for decision making and sharing the decisions taken. It is inevitable to save time thanks to cooperation. In addition to the unlimited access, high security and fast, understandable and easy sharing that the intranet offers to companies and employees, intranet applications can be complicated in the first use process. Intranet, which provides high security service, provides usage support for updating. Because it is private access support, employees may encounter problems from time to time if the update support that needs to be obtained from outside is not completed. In addition to multiple advantages of the intranet, it is one of the few disadvantages, albeit minor, with update support. Self-management is also not available. Therefore, constant control by the authorized person or persons will lead to much faster and more efficient work. Another disadvantage of the intranet is overloading. Loading lots of information can cause confusion and complexity. But using an intranet is a secure, efficient and low-cost network to make yourself and your business valuable. Having an intranet network as an employer means high trust and profit by having strong bridges between the business and the employee.

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