One of the Best LMS Software According to the 2024 Capterra Value Report: Vedubox!

Sales and Marketing

Digitalize your training where you promote your products and services. Prepare current and practical training for your customer or sales teams. Discover how Vedubox supports your sales and marketing training.

Digitize your customer and sales team training with Vedubox.


Provide online training for different target audiences.

Create a personalized online course for your organization, and use it for your customers or your sales team. Upload your training content to the system or create new content with Vedubox. Register users and start teaching online in minutes.


Promote product and service updates quickly.

Combine your training on a single platform and easily rearrange them. Quickly update the content when you make changes to your products and services. Make the categorized training accessible to the relevant users at any time.


Easily track a large number of users.

Many people can attend your training including your customers, sales & marketing team. Make it easier for users to register your online training managed from a single platform. Track each user with the reporting and analysis module easily.


Provide easy usage, easy access.

Start providing employee and customer training with a user-friendly interface. All of your users can learn it quickly. Your users can access the content by choosing different languages from different devices. In this way, you can support them to reach your training at their convenience.

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