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For All Tutors: Vedubox Tutor

Many instructors prefer online platforms to give private lessons in different fields. Thus, they can easily reach more students at affordable prices, and with the private lesson system, they create an ideal learning environment for both students and themselves.

Today, courses are offered in many different areas such as foreign language private lessons, online yoga classes, online vocational training. The sector is growing day by day, and the competition is increasing. That is why teachers need to promise a learning environment that makes a difference for their students.

As before, giving face-to-face private lessons brings serious gain for the teacher, but it also has additional burdens. There are situations such as providing a suitable environment while hosting the student at home, and a cost in travel and time on the way to the student’s home. When we also consider the distance and extraordinary situations, the increase in the number of instructors who say “I want to give private lessons” is not surprising.

There is only one system that will solve many problems faced by private tutors at the same time: online education. Although online education seems to be a method used by institutions, it can also be used for private lessons. As Vedubox, with our experience in distance education, we developed Vedubox Tutor for private tutors.

What is Vedubox Tutor?

Vedubox Tutor is an online education tool that includes all the features of Vedubox but is developed for private tutors. Nowadays, where online education is becoming more and more widespread, it has a strong infrastructure developed with the experience gained from online education. Using the system, you can teach many subjects, not just school lessons. Vedubox Tutor page enrollment system brings together everything you need in order to give private lessons.

Features of Vedubox Tutor

Permissions by user roles

In order for online education to take place, there must be many features included. First, with the help of a user hierarchy, users can perform these roles effectively. Being able to create the teacher and the student roles means that each has different access possibilities. With Vedubox Tutor, the teacher can manage and control the students, while the students can only access their own information. A user account can also be created for parents if needed.

Live lecture and video lecture options

Online live lessons and video lessons can be carried out with registered students through the system. The efficiency of education can be increased by using interactive technologies for both. Live lessons can be recorded on the system and shared with students via the video library, as well as videos specially prepared for education can also be uploaded to the system. You can use many digital content development tools for this.

Learning at your own speed

Since the learning speed of each student is not the same, it can be ensured that the students repeat the topics. Thanks to the resource library that will be enriched with content in different formats, students can learn at their own speed. The student can repeat the course by accessing the lectures afterwards.

Online exam and certificate

In addition, the online question bank and online exam features are an important part of the education process. Thus, you can evaluate the success level of students by using different question formats together during the lesson or at the end of the training. With its technological features, Vedubox Tutor can help you to conduct secure exams by making an exam with a supervisor or controlling it via camera. Moreover, by giving a certificate at the end of the training, you can create an even more attractive private lesson advertisement.

Individual or group private lessons

The teacher, who can use all the features of Zoom for individual private lessons or group private lessons, can transfer high-quality audio and video. For private lessons given to groups, he/she can divide the group into smaller groups and enable them to focus on special studies. When students are divided into small groups, the teacher can manage the groups at any time.


For gamification, which is an important part of the training process, Vedubox Tutor offers many features to private tutors. The learning path determined by the instructor can be followed, students can try to reach a goal gradually and be encouraged with various rewards in the process.

Secure payment and private lesson advertisement

With Vedubox Tutor, you can create online private lesson advertisements for your private lessons and receive payment securely through the system.

Why Vedubox Tutor?

If you are an educator who gives private lessons on any subject, it’s time to modernize. The sustainability and viability of online education have never been so widely accepted. Therefore, by using this awareness, you can get your students to adopt online education, which is more beneficial than face-to-face private lessons in terms of time and cost. After this stage, you need an online education infrastructure. Tutor provides exactly that. So, why should you use Tutor?

Tutor also has all the features that an online education infrastructure should have. It has live lesson feature, video or multimedia educational content library, user control, online question bank and exam feature, progress control and certification features. Therefore, Tutor can meet all needs.

Regardless of your professional field, Tutor has been developed just for you if you are giving private lessons or want to give.

You can visit our website to get detailed information about the Tutor and to start using it immediately.

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