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Online Dealer Training: 6 Advantages of Moving Dealer Training to Digital

Online dealer training is a big opportunity that our time offers. 

Many companies organize training to introduce their newly developed products, devices and such to their dealers, who deliver them to last users, and specify products’ usage and features. Even if these trainings, for companies that have fewer dealers do not take much time, they may cause major issues for those with large numbers of dealers. They are always not sufficiently efficient because of many reasons such as 

  • failure to access people who promote the product to dealers, 
  • necessity to plan according to their appropriate times, 
  • urban or intercity travels, 
  • trainings’ carrying out for once and 
  • possible problems that can be experienced. 

Therefore, you can need to deal with problems such as not being able to explain the product content in detail. As a result, you may not reach your sales goals. As Vedubox, in this situation, we took aim at extinguishing all these problems by offering an efficient solution: online dealer training. 

 There are many advantages of moving dealer training to online platforms. At first, training, which you can prepare in a short time, will be transferred to online platforms at once and will be delivered to dealers quickly. The users can watch the online dealer training on digital platforms repeatedly.  Also, with this method you will both reduce the cost and gain time, and also need less labor. In addition, dealer training can be arranged by organizing a webinar in the training process, too. 

Let’s take a look one by one at the benefits of transferring dealer training to the digital world with Vedubox. 

Gain Speed in Trainings

It is very important that the sellers know the product well. For this reason, you need to carry out the training quickly. Face to face dealer training both can process slowly and not effectively enough. By using Vedubox, you can complete online dealer training in a short time by watching dealer training online or as a lesson by uploading to the system. Thanks to Vedubox’s customer training panel, you can access lots of features and complete training in a short time. The speed that you gain in training will enable you to market your products effectively.

Taking Trainings Again and Again

During the dealer training, a day is determined and on that day a trainer or authorized person gives information about the product to the dealer. This is one-time training and cannot be repeated. This causes dealers to be unable to arrange training based on their learning speed. Since, a dealer employee, who cannot get enough information about the product, will be unable to give information about the product to the last user and this will affect sales. 

As a solution, you can eliminate these problems by organizing dealer training on online platforms. Video training that you will upload to Vedubox will be on system continuously. So, dealers can watch online classes or videos that you will upload to the system again later. Ability to watch training again will enable dealers, whose learning speed is slow, to receive complete information about the product. 

Seller, who gets sufficient information about the product with lessons, will better introduce the product and this will contribute to sales, too. 

Reduce the Cost

As companies that have to give training know this training can be expensive. Many factors such as reaching dealers, hiring people for this or using present employees causes this cost. With Vedubox, companies that carry their dealer training will see that these costs will decrease considerably. 

Costs such as transportation, accommodation and employee will be out of table. Recording dealer training by transferring information about products in front of the camera and uploading this video to Vedubox or transmitting this information to all customers in online classes will both save time and reduce costs.

Maintain Control of Progress 

One of the biggest handicaps of arranging dealer training with classical methods is not being able to measure which dealer is how much informed about that subject. Dealers may not be able to reach the sufficient level of knowledge although the dealer has listened to training content for one or two hours or the dealer may forget what they learned. In such circumstances it may even be necessary to repeat the training. This is a very difficult situation with classical methods. But Vedubox’s dealer training panel offers solutions for all these problems. 

When you deliver the content of online dealer training uploaded to the system, you can see which person takes how much training. This helps you to guide those people about the subject, it also helps you see which dealer how much progressed. 

In addition to these, it is possible to conduct surveys in training videos. Thanks to the basis provided by Vedubox, you can conduct surveys in video content and live broadcasts. This helps both get a return about the subject and get information about products. 

Use Less Labor 

When dealer trainings are carried out face to face, they cause both labor and time cost.  It can be even expensive because of the primer of training such as dealing with dealers one to one, being constantly in the field, assigning several teams based on the number of dealers. 

You can prevent use of a large workforce with Vedubox’s online training panel. It is possible to carry out online dealer training with less cost by employing fewer people. For example, while the engineer or employee, who developed the product, explains detailed information about the product to be promoted, it will be sufficient for the person to record a video. Or even one person can do it with online training. By using Vedubox, without need for staff and spending extra infrastructure costs, you can arrange customer training.

You Can Reuse Trainings 

You may have new dealers in future. In these situations, it is necessary to train them about all systems and provide information about available products. Since dealer training is given to current dealers, when new dealers need this training, you will need to organize a training program again.  

With Vedubox online training system, you can get away arranging the whole training again. You can open the training packages that you have prepared before. Thereby, informing new dealers about available products or services will be out of the way at nearly no cost. 

Vedubox will continue to keep videos and files that you uploaded on the dealer training system as long as you do not delete. So, in future you can use them when you need.

Today, many companies work with dealers when they put products on market. Training to be arranged for knowledge about products and experiences brings serious burdens. As Vedubox, we transfer the knowledge we have gained from the training sector to many other sectors, bringing advantages of online training to large segments, as in arranging online dealer training. 

Future will be an age which uses technology more than today. For catching this age, technology needs to become more widespread. Vedubox has become a sector that can be used in many areas by not appealing to a specific field. Online dealer trainings or webinars are examples of this. 

You can get benefits in many areas by transferring dealer trainings to digital. If you want to get detailed information on this point, you can visit our site.

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