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5 Ways How Unified Communication Platforms Boost Your Team’s Performance

Unified communication platforms have become a hot topic not only because of Covid-19, but also as a result of global digitalization. However it’s hard to deny that the previous year, 2020, was a turning point for companies to accelerate their digitalization process.

Even though remote work has already been getting more and more widespread, it is a mandatory condition for many companies including startups and giants. As a result, the global unified communications & collaboration market grew by more than 29 percent in 2020 compared to 2019. 

Let’s see why, briefly.

Why Unified Communication Platforms?

Along with the need, there appeared many small and big platforms and applications that support the companies during the process. It gives hope to see how technology helps companies maintain their routine processes in a new way.

Changing habits is compulsory to survive by adapting to the conditions, and companies do not ignore this fact. Nevertheless, there is also chaos when it comes to managing all the processes online. That’s where unified communication platforms come one step further in the battleground and create a relief while moving all the office works to the digital.

If you are managing a team, you already know that there is much more than email traffic when we work remotely. We cannot pay a visit to the next room to ask questions or deliver a note from the last meeting, and everything turns into data on digital. So we need to make each data accessible for the relevant employees, and protect it for the sake of company’s security.

Share and protect the information

When the data is not traveling from one app to another, it is much more protected. Like us human beings not traveling any more, our data is also safe in a safe house, which is unified communication platforms. In these platforms, you can still keep sharing the information with the relevant teams safely. 

Safety is important for managers and owners. Also your employees will feel better about dealing with the information as they will be safe as they will not leak it unintentionally. So they can focus on what they are supposed to do! That’s what we want.

On the other hand, when you use many different apps to manage work on digital, employees need to remember and protect many login info. The IT team needs to deal with many issues and questions and you may even need a bigger IT team. However, unified communication platforms usually provide this service for free and 24/7.

Simplify process management

How many apps do you use personally? Imagine you need to add around 10 new apps just for the business. For the device, for the mind, for the process, this is quite a chaos. When you use many different apps for each task, after a while it will be hard to follow up what is going on.

Unified communication platforms provide many services together. Just take a look at the features of Vedubox, which is one of the prominent platforms and you will see what we mean. Here are the main modules of the platform:

  • Course Content Management (LMS)
  • Question Bank, Test and Exam
  • Video Conferencing
  • Webinar (Virtual Classroom)
  • Social Portal (Blog, Forum, Newsfeed)
  • e-Commerce ( Portal, Selling Courses or Subscription)

As you can see above, a platform works as a virtual office and simplifies the process management. You can even integrate third party systems to personalize your virtual office even more. So, everyone can see what goes on in the departments and projects they are responsible for. 

That’s a great opportunity to follow up all the tasks and complete them quickly without getting lost between the apps.

Make it easy for the team

Your team’s side task can be to learn how to use software because of the conditions. However, you hired them for their expertise, not to teach the usage of various apps. 

When you use a unified platform for remote work, team members will learn only one software and they will be expert in this one enough to perform perfectly in a short period. It also increases their motivation not to struggle to do their main job.

Especially, people, who are new to work from home, may have difficulty to find motivation and focus on their duty. A team leader can help them solve this problem by just making it easier for them. 

There is another benefit for the motivation of the employees. Let me tell you in the next subtitle.

Create opportunity to be engaged

Human beings need interaction. To keep them motivated and efficient, you need to find a way to interact. 

Here is why: more than 600 US businesses with 50-500 employees, 63.3% of companies say retaining employees is actually harder than hiring them. To retain your employees, there many things to consider and employee engagement is one of them. 

Also, companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable. Investing in the engagement is a great way for a long term profit. 

And, unified communication platforms work also like social media. People can interact with each other about the tasks and also their personal issues. Just like in an office. People miss human contact when they are isolated for a while. And each opportunity for engagement contributes to the team’s performance. 

Analyze and report comprehensively

How do your team members perform? How are projects going? Fragmented apps are hard for follow-up and analysis. Consider a project with many steps, each taken in another app. You may have losses on the way, and the worst case is that it can be hard to find out these losses.

With unified communication platforms, everything will be very organized and easy to analyze. Even for many tasks, you can automate the reports without extra time and effort. 

Last words on unified communication platforms

The time requires us to go beyond the physical offices and digitalize the business world. Like we always try to do, it is also the best to pay enough attention to the nature of these conditions and adapt to them at a maximum level. 

With the help of unified communication platforms, you can help your team perform perfectly. If they are provided with the best technological and technical support, remote work through the unified platforms may even result better. Take the advantage of the conditions rather than being a victim of them.

You can always contact us to learn more about Vedubox’s features that will boost your team’s performance.


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