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How to educate new generations?

Thanks to increasing digitalization and rapidly developing technologies, new generation education systems get more popular each day. In addition, with the emergence of new learning models, new-gen learners have their distinctive approach to education. 

New Generation Education Systems

Many companies and educational institutions have moved their formal education to the digital. Not only the advantages of online education for educators but also the tendency of the new generation to digital education is among the essential reasons for this shift.

There are three basic teaching models that we can relate to the new generation:

  • Formal education
  • Online education
  • Hybrid education

Formal Education

Formal education requires a physical classroom environment where students and teachers interact. Many students and teachers have considered formal education the most effective model for a long time. Today, it is possible to say that this is only due to habit.

Developing technologies, changing lifestyles, and the benefits of online education are changing how we think about formal education. Of course, it is impossible to ignore the significance of formal education for children who enjoy playing games during the first years of K-12. Even so, enriching education with digital tools is beneficial.

Online Education

Online education allows teachers and students to attend lectures from any device with an internet connection. For many years, courses and educational institutions employed this model. However, online education is getting more popular and recognized due to the COVID19 risks

This model provides flexibility to students and teachers. At the same time, cloud-based platforms store the live/video lectures in the system, thus enabling students to watch these lectures they could not attend earlier. 

Besides, features such as gamification, chats, and online forums play a significant role in facilitating digital communication between students. This way, students get socialized during education. Moreover, this model eliminates the limitations of time and place, the two requirements in formal education. 

Young adults mostly prefer this model because it enables them to attend universities or vocational training remotely. Although their focus might shift among many different topics, features such as microlearning and video lessons allow them to concentrate and continue their learning.

Hybrid Education

Hybrid education combines both online and formal education’s most practical and effective features. With this model, students and teachers come together periodically. While they carry some practices and projects face-to-face, they also continue online learning with live lessons and informative video lectures. 

Hybrid education stands out as the most preferred model because students are flexible in terms of time and place during the most time of their education. In addition, they can also spend time together physically.

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New Generation eLearning Technologies

New-gen learners prefer online and hybrid education models the most. These models are available to improve further with new e-learning technologies. In recent years, young adults who participate in various courses and vocational training, as well as K-12 and university students, are showing more interest in training using these technologies.

Here are some of the technologies to make education more interesting for the new generation who are born into technology and are technology-intensive users:


People of all ages enjoy games, and perhaps new generation learners love a little much more. While gamification makes education more entertaining, it also arouses curiosity in students. 

This model enables students to earn points and credits while doing assignments, exams, or tests. This way, they interact with the system and the other users. As a result, gamification appears to be one of the most successful technologies catching their attention.


Microlearning is one of the most effective learning tools as it provides information in a short time without much distraction. In this way, learners can comprehend information faster and memorably. 

Microlearning allows you to create small-sized content specific for subtopics within broad themes. Micro-learning becomes more interesting when used in conjunction with gamification and learning paths. New-gen wants to see microlearning in their education process to learn in a shorter time. 


Using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality means bringing the latest tech to education. These tools drive more motivation in learning. They replace the traditional learning methods by offering a much more interesting alternative.

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Breakout Room

Formal education enables students to work in groups. During online and hybrid learning, the breakout room feature ensures that. You can encourage students to cooperate within small groups with the breakout room option. This way, more interactive learning, as well as peer education, is possible. 

By dividing students into small groups and creating productive discussion sessions, students can improve their social communication skills.

Online Forums & News Feed

Interaction between teachers and students improves through online forums and news feed features. These features enable teachers to inform the students of the latest updates, changes regarding online exams, assignments, or meetings. In this way, students do not lose their attention trying to remember unnecessary information. 

Thanks to these notifications, they can easily follow the next step in the learning path. This feature facilitates their lives enormously, that’s why they prefer it.

New generations prefer online and hybrid education. Organize and improve your education to attract more of their attention. These new technologies increase their motivation.  

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