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Help Your Employees Improve Their Performance Management Skills: Focus


Help Your Employees Improve Their Performance Management Skills: Focus

Regardless of where you are, there is one thing you need: focus. No matter how talented and hardworking you are, if you cannot focus on a job enough, it will be challenging to achieve success. Therefore, we need the capability to focus in our entire life and especially business life.

Pieces of training that will improve employees’ focus skills directly increase the efficiency of the company. Employees with active listening skills manage the processes most successfully as they understand the work well. When they can give all their focus to their work, they can complete important work in a short time.

One of the first things a company that wants to increase employee productivity is to improve its employees’ ability to focus. Useful and practical employee training can help this.

Make your employees feel valued

The time you spend with your employees is essential. Spending time together and conducting collaborative work increase corporate belonging. That provides your employees with moral and motivation.

For this, make sure that your employees spend time with each other and with you as part of your work on focusing. Friendship and solidarity with each other strengthen the bond between them. Employees realize how important the individual work they do for the company through these relationships they have established, and they feel valued. This increases their motivation to focus.

Set long and short term goals

As in everything else, goals in work-life affect the capability to focus positively. Therefore, employees’ having a goal enables them to focus on their daily work better and to develop continuously.

When the goals are uncertain, your employees are easily distracted because in this case, it becomes tough to see the big picture. Setting long-term goals reminds us that even the tiniest work has a purpose. However, if the targets are only long-term, people may feel like the job is harder than it is. So, clearly define the short-term goals that will be achieved on the road to big goals. After every little success, you will find that your employees are better focused on the goal.

Use time efficiently

Generally, people boast of doing more than one job at a time. However, this is not always something right because some studies reveal that focusing on too many tasks at the same time reduces productivity by 40%. This is a tremendous rate!

On the other hand, planning, partitioning and doing each in turn increase work efficiency. So try to categorize current tasks or divide them into teams. Give your employees a chance to rank their business plans in order of priority. Talk to them about this or strengthen their prioritization skills through employee training.

Invite them to decision making meetings

You can work with your employees for business plans and decision processes so that they can focus more on what they do. Include people who will implement the solution to the solution-finding processes. Allow them to share their ideas. In this way, you can get a chance to hear different views and establish a close connection with your team.

It will be a good idea to turn these processes into the natural functioning of the company. Maybe your employee will take a few hours off from work regularly, but will eventually focus much better when organizing and doing their work. Thus, the time they lose will return as a quick job accomplished.

Give online training on focus

One way to improve the performance management skills of employees is to provide them with online training. Thanks to the microlearning videos, they can get their education without interruption for a long time and feel more responsibility for you because you add value to them.

What could be the subject of these trainings?

·       Breathing exercises to stay calm in case of intense workflow,

·       Active listening practices,

·       Practical solutions to categorize tasks,

·       The uses of applications such as Calendar etc. that will make it easier for them to manage their business traffic.,

·       Trainings that describe company goals and involve them in the process,

·       And many more!

Moreover, with abilities of integrated Learning Management System (LMS), you can share upto date information, training videos and documents with your team and also connect via live training, meeting and webinar. Those help you to imrove communication and your team more connected, collobarated, learning together, get social and meeting online.

Which online training platform should you choose?

You can benefit from Vedubox’s rich content technology to increase your company’s

success with your online employee training programs. Supporting blended learning

with a variety of content and formats such as question bank, gamification, and quizzes,

Vedubox also offers smartboard and interactive live training/meeting/webinar.

Vedubox’s multilingual interface can be easily personalized, as well as features to

improve the efficiency of training. The platform can be customized to align with your corporate identity, and training content can be uploaded to the cloud-based system in a


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