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6 Ways of Improving Customer Services for Companies

6 Ways of Improving Customer Services for Companies

There is the fact that each company agrees on whether willingly or not: A functioning customer service is a key to growth and gaining new costumers since it creates loyal customers.

Research that the second-biggest software company Oracle also proves that reality. According to the research, 86% of customers are willing to pay an extra price for better customer service. At the same time, 82% of each is leaving the existing companies that they are working with because of insufficient customer service.

So, if such reality exists, what are the ways of improving customer services? Let’s examine the six ways of improving customer services together.

Offering multiple support options

Almost every customer wants answers, offered fast and easy; especially the ones who are younger, who are more familiar with the technology. That is why maximizing your support channels for responding to your customers’ needs might be your starting point.

The understanding of customer services has been rapidly changing recently. The penetration of social media into our lives enabled companies to answer the questions of customers through these networks. Nowadays, one of the most popular support channels is social media.

Another excellent communication method is the chat applications that are integrated into websites or applications besides social media. So many e-commerce companies, like Yemeksepeti, answers their thousands of costumers’ questions through these applications each day.

Besides all of them, the best thing to do is to offer chances to solve their problem by themselves. A comprehensive and well designed “Frequently Asked Questions” trip might facilitate your endeavour. Also, customer training videos that you’ll share will improve the relationship that is established between you and your customers.

Making your website user-friendly and responsive

Websites are the digital markets; therefore, the digital showcases of companies. It would help if you made your website feasible through mobile phones, tablets, computers to make sure that your customers reach vital information about you and your products.

Recent research proves that websites of many companies are neither user-friendly nor fast. Since Internet users are leaving the sites in the case that the site doesn’t open in 2-3 seconds, this situation might lead to losing your existing and potential customers.

Also, since more than 70% of your customers try to reach your website through mobile devices, a website that highlights the mobile experience will make you and your products more accessible.

Utilizing the technology for quick and productive work

It is a fact that technology makes things easy and leads to saving money and time. After a quick search through Google, you can observe that there are plenty of tools that organize and support almost every level of customer experience from marketing to sales. Those tools are one of the most fundamental ways for enriching the customer services.

Especially, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps you commit and organize the datum about your existent and potential customers easily. For instance, this software can inform you about the birthday of a loyal customer and can help you with establishing a personal campaign about that customer.

When the case is customer services, other popular software is social media tools. These tools enable you to manage your social accounts easily. Also, in the case when someone talks or asks about your products, tools can let you know. That situation enriches the relationship between customers and companies.

Not expecting success with each customer

Success about something at every single time is almost impossible. Apple is one of the love brands across the world, but there are complaints about it as well. Do not target to be successful without exception.

That is relevant for a conversation with a customer. Instead, remind yourself of the fact that solid relationships are established through time. That is why you should not let some failures with customers damage your motivation. Keep searching for the improvement ways for yourself and your company.

Turning negative feedback into an advantage

One of the most important ways of improving customer service for a company is gathering feedback from its customers. Those feedbacks present a list of the advantages and disadvantages of a company. While advantages imply what the right things that are pursuing on that company are, disadvantages imply the things that should not be performed anymore.

That is why, even though accepting the disadvantages is quite hard, companies might turn this feedbacks to advantage. The most important thing to achieve that is facing negative feedbacks and working to eliminate the causes that lead those problems.

Facing negative feedbacks both leads to take a lesson from your mistakes and improve the value that your costumers give to your company. Proving that you are hearing the voices of your customers when they give you negative feedback improves not only the loyalty of your customers but also participation and sales ratings.

Giving online customer training

One of the most solid and current ways of improving customer service for companies is giving online training to customers. By providing online training, companies can gain the maximum profit from their products.

Through online training, companies may create loyal customers over their products and save both money and time. Here is why: online training is both affordable and prevents customer service issues that stem from products. Companies can use the money and time, which is earned through online education, to grow their business.

Take notice, in today’s world, many companies such as conductors like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn give online education service to their customers to gain maximum profit from their products. So, do not wait too long for having happy and loyal customers.

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