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7 Core Advantages of Online Exam System

Developing internet technology provides many advantages of online exam system to the education sector. With the rise of online education, online examination is also increasing its share in digitalization. 

We witness an overall transformation in education including all the tasks of the learning process such as parent meetings, homework, gamification, live classes, video courses, and more. Online exams are also a part of this evolutionary period of time.

Many educational activities, which are time-consuming and costly when performed in traditional ways can be done in minutes with the development of online systems.

Many online systems and tools facilitate the processes in the education sector and online exam solutions are among them. Educational institutions, companies and tutors can benefit from online exams for testing the development of learners and measuring the efficiency of education.

Both the assessed users and the assessing institution can get advantages greatly from online examination systems. Yet, before the advantages, let’s understand how online examination works.

How Online Exam System Works

Online examination is easy to prepare and safe to apply with the latest technologies. Here is the path to giving your own online exam.

Choose the technology to use

The first step is to choose the technology you want to use for your online examination. There are different options you can examine and decide on which one to use. Vedubox is an integrated platform where you can give your online exams integrated with the whole training. In this way, your users can take the exam from the same account as they access other educational resources.

Create your questions

Through online exam systems, you can create questions in different formats supported by the system, and upload these questions to your question bank. These formats can be fill in blanks, multiple choice, free text, etc.

After creating your questions, you can create tests by choosing from these questions. You can choose the ones you want from the tests to create your exam. To make your exam more interesting, you can add images, audio or video.

Set up the rules and choices

Your online exams are totally customizable. Before they start the exam, the users can read the introduction that you guide them through the rules. So everything will be clear for them. Or if you want, you can start with a live introduction to explain them yourself and answer their questions.

You can decide on fixed order for the questions or you can let your users to answers questions in the order they prefer. You can set a time limit for the exam or you can allow the users to take the exam whenever they want.

Also, you can decide which sources, devices and technologies your users can use during the exam including calculator, messenger, books, etc. You can also prefer an exam with the control of a real proctor or not.

Apply the exam and evaluate the results

You can invite your users to the exam by registering them to the online system or sharing the link. It’s practical and easy to join the exam for your users in both ways; however, there are a few differences. When you register them, it’s much easier to evaluate the answers.

After the exam, you can evaluate their answers automatically or manually according to your choice and the question formats. This is one of the important advantages of online exam system. You can also share the results within the system if you prefer.

Learn more about how online examination works with Vedubox Exam.

Benefits of Online Exam System

Even understanding how to prepare for an online exam helps us know the advantages of online examination. However, there are core benefits that we want to mention specifically.

1. People’ habit to use digital tools

People have started to use digital tools following every step of the development of technology. Over time, it’s a habit to use these digital tools in every field. Today, many daily activities such as education, shopping, payment, and entertainment are performed through digital tools.

Thanks to these acquired habits, it becomes easier for users to use these digital tools for education efficiently. Using these digital tools allows you and your users to easily learn to use every detail of online exam systems without difficulty.

2. Less administrative work

For all kinds of institutions and organizations, administrative works such as the printing and distribution of the exam papers, the monitoring of the candidates during the exam process, the collection and evaluation of the answer papers one by one after the end of the exam cause a great time and financial loss.

There are many technical features provided by online exam systems to reduce such costs, which turns into great advantages of online examination. After switching to the online exam system, institutions and organizations get rid of vast administrative work.

3. Ease in creating exams

With easy-to-use digital online systems, you can easily create question banks with different question types and prepare exams with these questions as we have already mentioned above.

Ease of use is one of the advantages of online examination systems while creating exams not only saves your time but also saves you money. These systems allow you to create exams without tiring you with the convenience they provide.

4. Scalable exams as you need

Scalability means that as many users as you need can participate in an exam at the same time, regardless of geographic restrictions. You can prepare the exams that you create on the system according to the number of students you want, and you can start and finish these exams at the same time. You can also change the order of questions and answer choices for each student.

5. High security

Another benefit of online exams is high security, which can be discussed in two ways: security during the exam and security of digital information. Thanks to the new generation of security technologies, you can safely give online exams.

During the exam, you have a chance to choose from many permissions and restrictions. You can control the use of devices and tools and also have a proctor to control the users with the help of AI.

These systems allow you to minimize future-oriented security concerns as all online exam results and students’ information is stored digitally in the database. In addition, only authorized persons are given system access to exam information. This makes it easy to control storage and results management.

If you want to know more about these features, please contact us.

6. Instant assessment and reporting

Thanks to the various statistics that the system will automatically create, you can easily observe the performances related to the subjects and the progress graph of a student or a whole class. The real-time reports can help your assessment process.

You can reach the results of the questions that can be scored automatically. With online assessment, it is possible to get quick and clear reports on student’s exam results and their progress.

7. Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of the online examination system is flexibility. It facilitates your pre and post-exam management and all activities. Being able to use online exam systems whenever and wherever you want, independent of time and place, and modularly shows how flexible it is.


Online examination is a rising trend along with the popularity of online education. With the help of technologies in the LMS sector and its side sectors, we have access to many tools to provide users with online exams. The advantages of online examination are encouraging tutors, schools and companies to use these technologies.

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