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3 Ways of a More Efficient Education with the Online Question Bank

One of the sine qua non of education that turns its face to digital is online question banks and exams. A few details to consider while preparing an online question bank will help you greatly increase the efficiency of your education.

Online education has suddenly entered our lives. Online education, which is used by many educational institutions all over the world, brings the opportunities offered by face-to-face education to digital. Not only lessons but also exams, parent and teacher interviews, assignments and activities that support learning can be carried out online.

Although some of them will disappear from our lives in the future, it seems that education will continue to be given online with the hybrid education model.

Apart from formal education, individuals and institutions that offer distance education also benefit from online education. Online education was becoming more and more preferred before the pandemic. Forced reasons have increased this number at rocket speed.

How to give exams in online education?

With the spread of online education, some needs arose. An online exam is one of them. Giving students or trainees online exams provides you with meaningful results in terms of measurement and evaluation. For this, the online question banks need to be carefully prepared as they are the source of online exams.

There are many points to consider when giving an exam using online question banks. By using the tips below, you can achieve high success in terms of both measurement and evaluation with the online exam.

1. Choose the right question types

While preparing the exam, it may not be the right choice to create the exam using only one type of question. It is a fact that multiple-choice or open-ended questions determine the difficulty level of the exam. In addition, testing with only multiple-choice questions in the online exam will not be suitable for every question. For this reason, when preparing online question banks, make sure to use questions from different question types.

Choose from multiple-choice, true-false, matching, open-ended, fill-in-the-blank question types. These question types do not only provide diversity but also make it easier to obtain meaningful results in measurement and evaluation.

2. Add visual and audio elements

Visual and audio elements make online question banks more interesting. Visual elements are used abundantly in new generation questions. Online question banks offer much more variety in this regard compared to paper exams. By using technology, you can make your exams much more efficient and open to interaction.

While creating questions for online question banks, you can add visual and audio elements to questions using the Learning Management System (LMS) or other applications. For example, video items can be placed on a suitable question, and audio items can be placed on a question that measures listening comprehension. In this way, you can create rich content question banks on many subjects, especially language learning.

3. Prepare descriptive and clear questions

When preparing an online exam, it is necessary to make sure that students understand the questions. Regardless of the topic, each question should be clear and understandable. You can also help the users understand the system and the questions easily without being distracted afterwards providing the necessary warnings and explanations at the beginning.

To measure the student’s knowledge, use plain text, choose the wording according to the users’ level, and enrich the questions with visual and auditory elements if necessary. In this way, you can create a successful and fulfilling test.


For higher efficiency, online education infrastructures that allow online question banks and online exam systems offer convenience. Vedubox, a powerful online education infrastructure, brings together features that will allow you to conduct all education online. The online question bank is one of them.

You can upload different types of questions to Vedubox’s online question bank. You can create question pools with question types such as multiple-choice, true-false, fill-in-the-blank, matching and open-ended. In addition, thanks to the unlimited question capacity, you can upload as many questions as you want. It is also very easy to add visual and auditory elements to the questions with Vedubox.

Contact us to try Vedubox, which has many advantages for online education, including online question banks, and to get detailed information.

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