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5 Steps to Create Online Courses To Sell

According to a survey, at least 60% of web users have participated in online learning. Here, independent tutors and professionals started to see the growing interest in e-learning as an opportunity. Now, you can turn your knowledge into money by creating online courses to sell. 


Online private courses provide students flexibility and freedom during the learning process. They are accessible from any device with an Internet connection, allowing learners to study whenever and wherever available. That’s why they are in high demand and also a profitable business.


If you also wonder how to create an online private course, we’ve prepared a list of steps for you. 

Choose Your Course Topic

The first step in creating online courses to sell is deciding which topic to teach. The subject of your online course can range from breathing techniques to trigonometry. It helps if you are already acquainted with that topic or willing to devote time and effort to learning extensively. One way or the other, you should be enthusiastic enough to motivate your audience. 


Moreover, the topic should attract people enough to pay for it. To earn a profit from the course, you should ensure your subject has a market value. You may conduct social media surveys or reach your friends and colleagues to ask for insights. Additionally, ask your audience about the parts of the topic they struggle with. That might help you later when you write an outline.

Prepare the Course Material

Start with searching your topic online and see if there is any change. For example, there might be technological advancements, such as a new update on the software you work with. Or you might realize that other courses lack a certain point you can highlight on your own.


Once you think you have studied the topic extensively, it’s time to write an outline for the course. Think about different subcategories, and create different levels of modules. You may benefit from the insight of your audience from the previous step—online courses to sell need to be clear and simple to digest. 


Then, go back to your existing materials such as videos, PDF notes, presentations, books, etc. You should gather the right content your audience might enjoy the most. You can enrich your course material with microlearning and gamification techniques. 

Choose Your Platforms and Tools

There are various platforms and tools you might use to give online courses. For example, Zoom can be one of those options. You can arrange online sessions for each lecture you give. However, this means too much work for you. 


To create online courses to sell, it helps if you provide an appealing experience. A distance education platform like Vedubox Tutor offers an engaging and interactive learning environment. Using Zoom or Google Meet integrated into the system, they allow you to give live lessons. 


Moreover, you will have access to a much more sophisticated platform with features such as creating question banks, making online exams, uploading video lectures to improve your online private course. These platforms enable you to manage the entire educational process on the same platform.

Reach Your Students

An essential part of giving online courses is reaching out to those students interested in the topic. To achieve this, you might employ email marketing, publish social media postings, or use paid advertisements. Additionally, you might write blog articles or contact social influencers to promote your content further.

You will need a platform or tool for selling your course to those students you reached. For instance, you may use Vedubox’s sales portal, thus allowing easy online payments. This way, you might manage and track your sales in order.

Request Feedback

Many distance learning platforms for tutors allow you to create surveys or conduct face-to-face interviews with students. By utilizing these features, you can gather feedback and suggestions to improve your online private course. 

You should closely follow the needs and expectations of students. It would be better to change the tools you use or the syllabus you created accordingly. Besides, you might implement new technologies into your course to achieve the best learning experience. This way, students will feel heard and seen, thus recommending your online private course to other potential learners. It will be easy word-of-mouth marketing for your business.  

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