One of the Best LMS Software According to the 2024 Capterra Value Report: Vedubox!


Why Do Companies Use Vedubox?

Vedubox is a training and communication management system that serves different purposes for companies operating in various sectors. Offering seamless communication, rich features, and customizable design, Vedubox has been developed to provide a fast, practical, and economical option in e-learning and communication.

Companies use Vedubox for personnel, dealers, suppliers, customers, product training, seminars, meetings, and support services. It provides a system in which your users can learn, share information, interview, meet, and participate in webinars in an online social environment.

Personnel, Reseller/Dealer, Customer Training

One of the primary purposes that Vedubox used for is to provide training. Companies operating in different sectors prefer Vedubox with high quality and easy to use while providing training to their customers to get the highest efficiency from their products and services. Vedubox also serves as an advantageous e-learning infrastructure for new recruitment or dealer training.

Thanks to the cloud-based content management system, training materials can be easily shared with the user. The user can access the training materials at any time from any device with internet access.

Online training, which is an important part of online training, is also easy with Vedubox! Trainers can provide live sessions to personnel, dealers, or customers without time and space limitations. In addition to smartboard technology, other interactive features enable an interactive live session.

Companies using Vedubox for personnel, dealer, and customer training can apply exams to assess users’ knowledge. They can also obtain reports to monitor the training process.

Online Meeting

Today, companies are not limited to physical spaces. As a result, it may be necessary to meet people in different offices, different cities, different countries, and even different continents. Offering the advantage of the online meeting, Vedubox has 100% cloud-based technology and does not require installation and eliminates server costs.

Vedubox helps you organize online meetings where you can project your corporate image through a fully customizable interface. Moreover, you can invite a large number of people from different locations to your meetings. Vedubox provides the technical infrastructure for you by configuring it to operate, considering the number of users.

Live Online Training (Webinar)

Vedubox enables companies to organize live online training. With the live online training, also known as webinars, it is possible to provide 24/7 training, that is addressing a broad audience from anywhere. And with the plug-and-play USB Logitech Camera, Media Microphone and Speaker Kits, you can start webinar without losing time.

You can make your webinar more potent by sharing content in different formats, including Microsoft Office, video, and other multimedia files in the virtual meeting rooms. The shared whiteboard is one of the most powerful features of Vedubox webinars. You can work with the users on the presentations you prepare, or you can perform interactive training using an empty board.

Online Sales Interview

Are you trying to sell a service or product to potential customers in a different location than you? In this case, you had previously been able to promote your service or your product only by phone or e-mail. Yet with Vedubox, it is possible to conduct online sales interviews at the click of a button.

For sales interviews like in the same room with your potential customer, create the link to the interview. Then share this link with your lead and help them join the conversation with a click. Impressive, isn’t it?

Online Customer Live Support

If your customers can communicate with you quickly, seamlessly and effectively, after-sales satisfaction increases significantly. Companies that use Vedubox’s online customer support feature have the chance to achieve even more happy customers by taking the lead in customer service.

To strengthen the bridges between you and your customers, you can use Vedubox, which enables you to respond quickly and effectively to their problems and questions. You can quickly adapt Vedubox technology to your corporate look while taking advantage of serving multiple customers at the same time.

Online Marketing – Public Webinars

Multiply your sales with online marketing efforts, including public webinars, which anyone can join with a click to know more about your products and services. With public webinars, you can increase the number of leads you generate routinely and generate leads that turn into sales.

When your leads easily get reliable information about your product and service, there’s a higher chance of purchasing because it gives you a chance to stand out among your competitors. Increase your company’s sales right now by providing your potential customers with the information they need.

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