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Vedubox runs its e-education and virtual communication platform on Microsoft Azure

A visionary with its high-tech and education modules, Vedubox is a multilingual cloud-based system that caters to the needs of various businesses from private companies and public sector entities to schools and special education premises.

Established in 2011, ETGi Group is an informatics and research and development company that specializes in remote learning, video and web conferences, virtual class technologies, as well as video and digital content development. Virtual Education Box, or Vedubox, the company’s digital education and course management system is making a major leap forward by going global, as it offers 100 percent cloud-based, video conferencing and e-education/remote learning features. Making education available anywhere and at any time through its reasonable cost and flexible structure, Vedubox is also versatile as it can seamlessly integrate with other servers and systems.

Vedubox caters to a large customer portfolio, consisting mainly of corporate clients, consultancy businesses, private schools, universities, and public sector entities.

Thanks to its advanced technology and technical infrastructure that can be integrated, secure, economical, and scalable, the system is able to meet a variety of needs concurrently and amasses a vast user experience built through the many years serving many clients.

Taking a closer look at the communication, conferencing, and e-education platform

The system was developed with consideration of the demands by colleges and universities that include flipped learning, blended learning, remote learning, and online tutoring and can operate under the clients’ corporate branding. In terms of businesses, one of the many advantages is the ability it provides to organize online events like trainings for dealers, customer and staff meetings, and other activities on a platform that can be integrated with client systems.

The Vedubox learning management system (LMS) has the benefits of a holistic system for video conferencing, webinars, live lessons/trainings, short message service/text, and online payments. The system can be customized to operate all, or some of these features through the modular options and can be used to create an unlimited number of lessons or trainings. Videos and documents can be uploaded and ordered in line with lesson plans and enhanced with questions or tests, for which the results can also be analyzed through the system. The LMS also provides the opportunity to record and repeat viewings.

ETGI Group General Manager, Bilgin Yazar says, “Businesses can place their attention fully on their top game, education, and immediately utilize the solutions to better their offering. There is no hassle of installation, no configuration involved. The system can be up and running within the minute of delivery to the customer. Customers also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that we are ready at the backend on a 24/7 and uninterrupted basis, with our focus firmly placed on understanding their needs and meeting them fully, ready to deploy add-ons to be integrated into their system as their businesses require. What do we mean by integrated? We mean that it is possible to enrich the offering in line with their business processes in an API-integrated manner and enjoy various technologies like making credit card payments, sending text messages and e-mails, running video lessons or video animations and streaming video conferences or webcasts. This effectively means much lower costs for the business.”

Cloud and software as a service (SaaS) configured, Vedubox infrastructure is robust enough to keep up with millions of customers and users at once. Vedubox’s cloud infrastructure—powered by Microsoft Azure—offers scalable, affordable, and high-quality service anywhere in the world, regardless of the number of users.

“We bring in the SaaS infrastructure. We use Azure to offer our customers a software service. SaaS allows a true utilization of cloud benefits, including rapid build-up of servers, internet speed, CPU, RAM, disc, and warehousing capacity, ensuring business continuity by geographical back-ups. We can ringfence against denial of service/distributed denial of service attacks and distribute workload within a matter of minutes. Microsoft Azure Firewall Manager eases traffic monitoring services,” says Yazar.

Providing a limitless, flexible, and cost-effective solution using cloud technology

Because Vedubox is cloud-based, it is an out-of-the-box ready system that does not require installation. It can be delivered in a matter of minutes and can be up and running through an internet browser or mobile application, taking away any operational or financial burden from additional needs like server modification, internet connection, security measures, or backups.

Vedubox has no server costs because it does not require servers, server maintenance, server software procurement, or updates, which means the system can offer its solutions in a cost-effective way. The LMS is ready quickly with minimal startup costs as customers are only charged for the services used. In addition, there is no associated staff costs, since it does not require technical staff and runs smoothly, entirely on its own.

“Azure servers work seamlessly 24/7 and offer high performance, which removes the need for server management,” says Yazar.

Continuous system updates are managed 24/7 by expert engineers using new technologies. The high speed, limitless capacity system makes it possible to upload thousands of videos and documents and run them free of screen freezes, while concurrently hosting as many live lessons, meetings, and webinars as needed. Furthermore, text messages and e-mails can be sent through the system. As modules can be bought by the number of users, customers pay per need and scale the system in accordance with their user profiles.

Continuously developing and integrated solutions through the cloud

With the ability to calibrate services per customers’ scale in user magnitude, Vedubox uses Azure technologies to focus directly on customer needs without having to develop core technologies.

“What we do here is to make it possible for businesses of various scale and needs to access technology without having to bear the related investment costs, offering accessibility and cost efficiencies. Our customers are overjoyed, as this gives them the opportunity to use the infrastructure and transpose a physical setting into a much more efficient online environment,” says Yazar.

Configured using Azure services, Vedubox was designed to be an e-platform that is implemented through customers’ systems using the various technologies and organic server enlargement prospects offered by Azure. The team uses Firewall Manager and Microsoft Azure Security Center to provide a more secure and a trackable system/service. Vedubox teams also continue to further the product to include technology like artificial intelligence, chatbots, augmented reality, and virtual reality, which will mean that customers’ need for novel technologies can be met at speed.

With interfaces offered in nearly 20 languages, Vedubox aims to make the platform usable globally. Serving customers in various parts of the world, from Indonesia to Brazil, Vedubox benefits from the Azure servers’ multi-destination servicing and geographical back-up capability, prepping its infrastructure in its quest of going global.


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