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Free Corporate Software? Are you sure?

Free Corporate Software? Are you sure?

In the market, you can see many open-source software providers that are trying to gain an advantage by being “free”. Actually, it is misleading to assert that these software programs are free. Why do people need software? Of course, to make extensive use of it while doing their business.

People want to be users of a software program. They do not want to get a so-called free software program to handle the technical tasks such as installation, safety, backing up, updating and integration. In this case, the customers suddenly find themselves being the technical operators of the software program rather than being the user.

Unanticipated Costs of Free Corporate Software

The hidden costs of getting a free software program might not be noticed in the beginning. But, the expense items including technical staff, server, updating, maintenance eventually start to cost way more than buying a professional software program in the beginning. The game is not worth the candle when it comes to free corporate software.

Moreover, the sustainability of a software program is risky when it is installed on its own server. As the number of users increases, the scalability of the system becomes a serious problem. The costs of load balancers and the internet might get incredibly high. Especially in software programs regarding video conferences and e-learning, the volume of internet traffic skyrockets. This situation causes a high burden on the server and pushes the cost up.

You need to hire technical staff or get assistance from a business for the software program you get for free. When your only need is to use the software program, you might get face to face with an overwhelming burden of technical human resources management. These factors are of critical importance for the sustainability of your business.

There are many firms that advertise “free” software programs while providing professional assistance to them. These firms gain a lot of money from this task. And when the free software programs exceed a certain number of users, their paid versions begin to be sold by various firms.

In the market, you can find a myriad of so-called free software programs regarding various sectors such as ERP, e-learning, video conference, e-mail, switchboard, or accounting. The usability of these software programs is questionable. In most cases, you cannot get professional assistance. When you are just about to benefit from these programs, their technical limits might let you down.  If all software programs can be consumed freely, how can software engineers make money?

For instance, we developed Inside Vedubox, 50 different technologies operate in an integrated way. It completely meets the customers’ needs. We argue that you can calculate the annual costs of equivalent free software considering the factors like the server, the internet connection for server, technical staff, updating and maintenance, and integration. You can give this sum to us and Vedubox comes to you at no additional price. Assistance included. This means that a support team and a technical team of the best engineers of the world will be ready to help when you have a problem.

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In conclusion, whatever is “free” might waste people’s time, dreams and money.

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