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Why is Video Conferencing Important in Business?

Why is Video Conferencing Important in Business?

We live at a time where technology has a major role in our world. As new technologies develop, we add them to our lives. There is no doubt, advanced and sophisticated technology has shaped the working and business environment, too. One of the most available and advanced technologies that have entered the business world is video conferencing.

Especially, the corona crisis has reminded us of the efficient use of technology, especially e-learning and video conferencing.

Nowadays, almost all companies use video conferencing for communication, and 96% of them say that video conferencing is beneficial for their business. You may wonder what makes video conferencing so satisfactory for companies.

Here, we would like to give you the reasons why video conferencing is essential in business.

Connect with many people at the same time

Sometimes it may be difficult to arrange meetings in person. Especially if you are a company which has a lot of international business partners and clients, it is even harder. One of the significant benefits of video conferencing is that you may reach out to many people from different parts of the world at the same time.

As a result, your projects get done faster and deals determined in a short period when you work internationally.

Be more flexible

Video conferencing allows you and your employees to have more flexibility in your own office. Video conferencing can be done at any time, in any place. Because you will be more flexible with video conferencing, your employees can work from home.

You will receive information from your employees whenever they are mostly available. Hence, video conferencing will provide you with optimized attendance to your meetings even if your employees are unable to come to the office meetings. These employees who are not able to go to the office for days can be harmonized more easily when they get back to the office.

Lower costs

One of the most recognized benefits video conferencing is saving money and time. You can save the money you spend on business meetings. You do not have to pay for a single meeting anymore.

You can use video conferencing for every trivial meeting like routine meetings, negotiating deals, or interviewing candidates etc. You can use your money for business priorities.

Be more structural

The meeting time of video conferencing is precisely determined. When the meeting has to end is well defined before the meeting starts. That means you have to be rapport on what you are going to discuss, and there is no or little time for small or unnecessary talk.

People are more likely to stick to the meeting plan when there is video conferencing. Thus, the checklists you have will be more easily completed when you are video conferencing.

Higher Productivity

Video conferencing makes your employees get rid of the fatigue you have after travel. Moreover, it makes them spend more time with their loved ones because they do not have to spend time travelling.

It provides employees retention, mobility, and satisfaction for their job. It helps employees to build healthier professional relationships with their colleagues because it improves the quality of teamwork. All of these are the reasons why video conferencing improves the working environment and increases productivity.

Better communication

Other than providing efficiency in time, video conferencing enables you to have better communication. Human interaction is complicated because of our body language, our posture etc. when we communicate. Phone calls are not enough for full understanding, but the good news is that you can humanize your communication with video conferencing.

Video conferencing maximizes the effectiveness of communication because visual communication produces effective collaboration. Personal understanding and connection are some of the milestones in working relationships which is provided by video conferencing.

Combine all of the devices

Video conferencing allows you to connect all of your conference equipment with smartphones, tablets or computers. You can share your presentation in ease and speed with various devices. With Vedubox, you can organize an online conference, which is interactive and effective.

Even if you do not have all of the devices that you need for the next meeting and you are in a hurry, there is no problem. You can reach out to all of the files you have, regardless of which devices you have because Vedubox is supported by cloud tech.

Be competitively advantaged

When you think about all of the advantages that video conferencing brings to you, it is not hard to see how you will be ahead of your competitors. You will save money, increase team unity, have more productive meetings and better relationships.

By having all of these, you will have a sustained competitive advantage, and you will maintain a strong position in the business world.

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