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Education and Work Life After the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected the whole world, has become a turning point in education as in many sectors. Many students in all countries have witnessed a radical change in education by experiencing distance education.

Before Covid-19, some institutions were using distance education actively but after the pandemic, inevitable changes occurred in education and training process. This change caused that Covid- 19 became a milestone in education by affecting not only students but also teachers, administrators, parents who are involved in the education process.

As students studying at schools all around the world prefer to receive distance education, this is a preview of radical changes in the education sector and business life in the upcoming years. There is a radical change in the education world with the effect of our living in the age of technology. The e-learning concept which is being used widely on a global scale is now part of our lives.

So what will happen in the education world in the future with the transfer of education from schools to online platforms? Will the remote working model keep its place in business life? What do online education technologies and e-learning platforms promise us? Here is the Covid-19 report with digital transformations in the education sector and business life for you.

Remote working is becoming common

After the Covid-19 epidemic had an impact all over the world, many institutions and companies started to implement remote working plans in order not to risk the health of their employees. Employees who continue to work from home proved that actually efficient results can be achieved with the remote working model.

By providing flexible working opportunities to employees, the Covid-19 pandemic has actually shown to everyone that working remotely can be both less costly and more efficient. There are much more positions than we think which is suitable to work remotely. Especially most of the employees in the technology sector can do their jobs remotely. Thus, the costs of employers are reduced. Company or office expenses are almost being reset and remote working policies are becoming more common.

Even if Covid-19 pandemic has been overcome in the coming years, it is certain that many companies will continue to use remote working model. We can say that this pandemic was the beginning of a new era for both employers and employees. Remote working which has become a new trend in business life is becoming a general working policy for millions of employees.

The spread of distance and hybrid education

Distance education which has increased its popularity in recent years has become an indispensable part of the education world by becoming a necessity on a global scale with the Covid-19 pandemic. Authorities are looking for ways to use distance education effectively by preparing different scenarios for the new education term.

Distance education which is prepared to supersede the face-to-face education is actually not a new concept for many institutions. Distance education is widely preferred all over the world with its many advantages. These advantages are basically as follows:

– Students’ readiness to share information regardless of time and place

– Reduced cost as a physical education environment will not be created

– Efficient education and training opportunities

– Efficient interactive lesson environment as much as face-to-face education

– Saved time with flexible learning program

– Using different learning techniques and various educational materials

Another option that schools can choose is a hybrid education model. In this model, students have the opportunity to go to the school for some part of the education and receive some of it face-to-face through online education platforms. Thus, students will go to school for practical lessons that can not be taken with distance education and theoretical education will be supported by distance education. With the hybrid education model which will also enable project-based learning, students will reinforce what they learned at school with projects that they will make at home.

An education world where experts, trainers and teachers from different locations contribute

The distance education model which removes the geographical restrictions in education offers you the opportunity to participate in trainings given by experts in various fields regardless of your location. With distance education which allows thousands of students in different countries to access the same content, we can ensure that education continues, especially in unusual situations such as curfew and quarantine.

It is possible for students who are disadvantaged due to the geographical restrictions to receive education under equal conditions. Students can easily access education provided by expert instructors and teachers, regardless of location and benefit from transatlantic knowledge transfer.

The education world which has been radically reshaped with the Covid-19 pandemic is a rare opportunity for every individual who has technological opportunities. Additionally unlike face-to-face training, individuals with high self-awareness can discover the most suitable learning method through digital platforms and easily raise their learning levels.

Part of daily life: video conferencing

There is no longer a need for people to gather physically for job interviews or meetings. With the video conferencing method which is offered on many different platforms, it is possible to talk to the people you want without moving.

This method which has been preferred by many companies and institutions has been used widely to prevent the spread of the pandemic with the emergence of the Covid-19. Thus, many people in different locations had the opportunity to come together and exchange information by avoiding risky situations such as using public transportation.

Video conferencing which brings hundreds or even thousands of people together in the same online meeting environment will likely be a part of daily life after the pandemic. It is certain that the video conferencing method which makes people’s lives easier by saving both time and cost will have an indispensable place in business life.

It is now quite easy to meet the needs of in-house communication and collaboration with video conferencing. Almost all of the video conferencing software users state that they are in a more efficient and productive process.

Vedubox as an integrated education and communication system

With its high-tech, integrated and reliable technical infrastructure, Vedubox offers you an extraordinary education and communication experience. Vedubox which is different from its competitors in terms of technical and usage, is a platform that meets many needs of distance education and remote working models.

Unlike other online platforms on the market, Vedubox has a comprehensive and integrated system. Vedubox with 100% cloud technology, high performance unlimited capacity, integrated security system and low cost, differentiates itself from its competitors with its service quality. It has unique features with various meeting and lecture options such as video conference, live lecture, webinar. High capacity storage areas are also some of the advantages of Vedubox.

You can save time, organize various meetings and lessons with its ready-made infrastructure that does not require installation and get detailed reports about your trainings or meetings with its advanced reporting and analysis feature.

Vedubox which offers a new online education concept is an easy, fast and flexible solution for your distance education and remote work needs. This innovative and up-to-date education platform continues its R&D studies to meet the new world needs, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic on the road map. Although it has many features that will support online education and remote working models that will now be found in our lives, it aims to keep up with the developments in the education world by constantly updating itself.

Some of the services offered by Vedubox are as follows:

– Training content management you can customize

– High capacity video conferencing

– Creating tests and exams

– Reporting and analysis

– Webinar and social networking groups for large numbers of users

If you want to have more information about Vedubox services and take advantage of this unique experience, you can easily digitize your training and meetings by visiting Vedubox’s website.

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