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E-Learning in the aviation Industry

Airlines worldwide are searching for a centralized e-learning solution to replace their present training management systems. There are generally two business motivations for this:

  • To fulfill regulatory requirements
  • To increase learning and development for its employees, who may work in engineering, maintenance, or front-of-house customer service.

Companies in the aviation sector must use Vedubox to achieve these objectives while lowering training costs and improving operational efficiency.

Quick Facts on Aviation

The aviation industry is one of the world’s largest and most significant commercial sectors, accounting for around 9% of global GDP* and benefiting practically every other industry on the planet.

  • ·         Over 56 million people are employed worldwide in the aviation sector and related tourism.
  • ·         Of these, around 8.36 million works directly within the aviation industry.
  • ·      There are over 2,096 airlines worldwide, with a total fleet of nearly 23,112 aircraft.
  • ·         Aviation now transports over 3.8 billion passengers annually.
  • ·         40% of international tourists now travel by air.
  • ·         Airlines serve some 3,784 airports through a route network of several million kilometers managed by around 160 air navigation service providers.
  • ·         Through particular landing, passenger, and air traffic control fees, air transportation pays about US$40 billion yearly to utilize its infrastructure – airport and air navigation services.
  • ·         Passenger duties, value-added tax (VAT), and customs or immigration charges vary by country, but air transport pays significant taxes to municipal, provincial, and national governments.


Naturally, creating and executing training and development for a diverse workforce in such a large business has major obstacles. This often necessitates a sizable budget as well as a diverse set of learning and development activities and methods. E-learning is frequently used in these ways.

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For those unfamiliar with the phrase, e-learning is the computer- and network-enabled transfer of skills and information through methods including Web-based learning, virtual education possibilities, and digital collaboration. In recent years, e-learning has grown in popularity as the most suited medium for training and development in a variety of industries.

Bilgin YAZAR, CEO of “Vedubox,” discusses the advantages of e-learning in the aviation business, as well as ways to improve its quality. He explains how the industry has to reconsider its existing manner of giving training in a 2021 essay in CAT (Civil Aviation Training) magazine. He also describes how e-learning may be used to leverage the power of customized learning, which includes:

Veubox allows workers to progress at their own speed, rather than spending time on abilities they already know. E-learning may give such tailored instruction if it is properly planned. Furthermore, when done correctly, considerable training expense reductions can be realized while maintaining high quality."
Bilgin Yazar

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