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zoom toplantilari vedubox ile daha guvende

Zoom Meetings Are Safer With Vedubox

Zoom meetings have turned into a concept that we hear every other day. Zoom became a frequently used program during the quarantine days when the education and business world moved to the online environment. Covid-19 with the arrival of the outbreak, millions of people digitalized their training and online meetings. Zoom meetings are rapidly increasing the number of users as the favourite platform of this process.

In this process, the reliable technical infrastructure and cybersecurity are of great importance for companies, educational institutions, educators and freelancers who carry their business to digital. End-to-end encrypted communication has become possible with the latest version of Zoom 5.0, which wants to provide a safer service to its users by continually improving itself.

How safe is Zoom?

All software programs, including Zoom, need to strengthen their continuous security continuously. The indispensable need of this industry. When software attracts worldwide attention, it does not escape the attention of malicious users. Because the number of users of Zoom increased rapidly all over the world, hackers have also been interested in the program. From this perspective, we can see how valuable the importance Zoom gives to self-improvement.

Considering the information on the security vulnerabilities of Zoom and its equivalents, Zoom can be said to be an extremely secure platform. In addition, a virtual office environment can be created with Vedubox, which is used in integration with Zoom to ensure cybersecurity, which further enhances the security of Zoom. Your Vedubox office becomes even safer than the physical office.

What does Vedubox provide about security?

Vedubox stands out with its security in Zoom integrated software. Founded by Turkish engineers and continuously developing Vedubox is increasing its recognition throughout the world. In video conferencing and webinar modules, it offers video conferencing and webinar services in integration with the licensed version of Zoom.

Vedubox works like a virtual office, while Zoom provides only the meeting environment. Users can use Zoom over Vedubox without logging in to Zoom. When you are a Vedubox user, you become a Zoom user at the same time. You also do not have to make a payment or be a member.

Vedubox greatly satisfies the need for security, both for remote work and meetings in companies and for online training used by millions of students and teachers. Vedubox builds a separate layer of private security in addition to Zoom. The distribution of meeting links and meeting security are maximized. The link disappears as soon as the meeting ends. Allowing people you want to attend the meeting while preventing unplanned attendance also becomes easier on the platform.

Users’ personal information is stored on highly-secure Microsoft Azure servers. Besides, Vedubox continues to improve itself as a responsible platform for informing users about Personal Data Protection rules.

With its content, Vedubox provides a safe environment for workplaces and educators and trainees. Many of Turkey’s leading corporate firms using Zoom with integrated Vedubox getting quality and secure service.

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