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Why do you need an all in one Learning System (LMS)?

If you decide to use a learning management system (LMS), you can offer your institution high quality education&training – and that is only one of many advantages! On the other hand, an LMS is a rescue plan for emergency situations where face-to-face teaching isn’t possible. 

We have explained why you need an LMS in this article.

1.LMS makes education accessible and flexible for everyone

In-person training is certainly useful (and supported by an LMS), but it requires that every participant is ready and available to learn at the same time or place.This isn’t always realistic. Some participants may be absent when the training takes place, while others may simply not be in the right mood to make the most of the scheduled session. This can lead to some of your training sessions ending up as a waste of time.

These days, many educational institutions are embracing blended learning, which is a mix of face-to-face, online and app-based training. Thanks to LMS platforms, participants don’t run the risk of falling behind if they miss a scheduled training, because they can access the training material where and when they want.

2.Organize your institute learning content in one place

LMSs provide a one-stop shop for all your institution’s training needs. Regardless of the type of learning and training you provide, you can use LMS platforms to create, personalise, host and sell all your learning and training resources and modules.

Those who offer the modules or distribute the resources can change, adapt and add to the training material as needed. All your learning content is stored in the resource library, including slideshows, videos, whitepapers and more. Participants and trainers thus have access to an extensive archive of training materials that they can retrieve at any time.

3. Learning management platforms are a real time saver

A major obstacle for many institutions in creating a good training programme is time. Many hours can be wasted:

  • Travelling to and from training centres
  • Trying to create a schedule that suits all trainers and learners
  • Preparing and distributing relevant materials to all who need them

Each of these problems is solved when you use a learning management system (LMS) to organise your training. LMS platforms are available both as an online platform and as a mobile app, so that participants can access the training content at any time via a computer or smartphone. In addition, participants can work at their own pace and on their own schedule, as they don’t have to rely exclusively on face-to-face teaching.

4. Constantly improve the quality of your training

An LMS is an effective way to teach your participants new skills, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Investing in an LMS means you have access to a learning solution that can grow and evolve with your institution. You can measure the impact of your training system and courses in real time and make important improvements.

The LMS platform, you can easily gather feedback from your participants after each session and course. These evaluations help you measure the overall impact of your training and gather useful information about specific areas that could be improved. By developing your training methods in this way, you can increase participant engagement and retention.

5. Digital training management systems can track the progress of participants

Administrators using LMS software not only receive detailed reports on the quality of training, but can also track participants’ performance in real time. They can see statistics on how many participants have started a course, how far each participant has progressed and how many have passed or failed.

From this data, trainers can deduce which parts of their courses they need to pay more attention to in order to achieve better results in future courses. For example, if the majority of participants fail a module, there is a good chance that it was either poorly explained or insufficiently developed. In this case, trainers should use resources such as gamification to improve engagement in learning.

6. Save money with a cost-effective LMS

With all the benefits that an LMS brings, you might assume that investing in an LMS will drive up the cost of your set-up. In fact, an LMS will save you money in the long run!

Of course, you’ll have to spend some of your budget on investing in the LMS portal first, but learning and development are essential for business growth and you’ll benefit in the long run. With the ability to digitise training in an LMS, a single training course can easily be assigned to several hundred participants

Here's What you can do with all in one Vedubox!

Vedubox provides end-end solutions to create the best learning experience.

All your learning in one place

With an all-in-one Vedubox, users have a central platform to manage all their learning and training activities, from creating courses, managing content and delivering training, to tracking progress and analysing results. This simplifies the process and saves time and effort.

Improved efficiency

Vedubox  help improves efficiency by automating many administrative tasks, such as grading, record keeping and reporting. It can schedule live lessons and events and automatically organise the calendars of instructors and users, as well as record and view recordings whenever the user needs them. This helps saving time for trainers and administrators to focus on delivering quality content and improving learning outcomes.


Vedubox is adapted to the specific needs of an organisation or an individual user. This means that users can tailor the platform to their specific requirements to ensure they have the tools and functionality they need to deliver effective learning and training.


Vedubox can be scaled to meet the needs of large organisations with many users or small organisations with only a few users. This means that the platform can grow with the organisation, making it a valuable long-term investment.


 Vedubox is more cost-effective than using multiple systems to manage learning and training activities. As all tools and functions are included in one platform, users can save money on licence fees, training and maintenance.

Overall, Vedubox helps streamline the learning and training process, increase efficiency and achieve better results.

So Vedubox is the right solution which you start using within 1 Minute.

Check out all the details about Vedubox’s Reports module specially developed for managers.

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