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up to how many users is zoom free

Up To How Many Users Is Zoom Free?

Zoom, the most popular video conferencing service, continues to be used by many institutions and companies even after the pandemic. Employees who continue to work remotely and educational institutions that carry out online and face-to-face education together use Zoom almost on a daily basis. These users meet for many different purposes such as education, corporate training, webinars, conferences and joint projects.

Especially in the Covid-19 period, turning to distance education and remote business life have caused video conferencing applications to encounter a demand they have never seen before. The application that shone in this period was Zoom, which continues the momentum it achieved at that time, and is still used by 300 million people every day despite the almost totally lifted Covid-19 restrictions. So is Zoom a free service? If it’s free, does it have any restrictions of use? Up to many hours and users can Zoom be used for free? In this article, we will answer these questions.

How Many Hours Can Zoom Be Used for Free?

Most Zoom users use the basic Zoom plan, which can be used at no cost. But the basic Zoom plan has many restrictions that can reduce the efficiency of meetings. One of the most distracting of these restrictions is undoubtedly the 40-minute meeting duration limit. As meetings finish in 40 minutes, groups that have to cooperate for a longer time have to restart the meeting and reconnect. This naturally cuts off the flow of meetings, preventing teams from achieving maximum efficiency.

Zoom has different plans that appeal to different customers. These plans also have different limits to the maximum number of users in a meeting. If you’re an individual user and want to take advantage of Zoom’s more features, you can check out Zoom Pro, the upper version of Zoom Basic that is paid. The Zoom Pro has many advantages over Zoom Basic. For example, the 40-minute meeting time limit in Zoom Basic increases to 30 hours, so you can use Zoom practically without a time limit.

If you have a small-to-medium company and want to use Zoom, the Zoom Business plan, where you can meet up to 30 hours and 300 users, is suitable for you.

Up to How Many Users Can Zoom Be Used for Free?

Another limitation of Zoom Basic, which can be a problem for teams with a large number of users, is that there is a limit to the maximum number of users who can join a meeting.

First, let’s start with Zoom Basic, Zoom’s free and most used plan. Zoom allows for 40 minutes of meetings for up to 100 users on its Basic plan. After 40 minutes, the meeting must be restarted for the cooperation to continue.

Zoom is currently available for free and has no ads, but it will soon start showing ads to all users on the Basic plan, in order to be able to continue providing the service for free. This feature is currently being tested, but it is not known when it will be implemented. Zoom shows a high level of sensitivity to privacy and provides 256-bit encrypted meetings, and guarantees that the content of meetings will not be used for marketing, promotional or third-party advertising purposes in any way.

There is no difference in the number of users in Zoom Pro, which is the paid plan targeting individuals who require more features. Zoom Pro also allows hosting meetings for up to 100 users. But the main difference between Zoom Basic and Zoom Pro lies in the time limit of the meeting. Although the Zoom Pro plan technically has a 30-hour time limit, we can say that there is practically no time limit.

We see the first increase in the maximum number of users in Zoom’s Business plan for small and medium-sized businesses. In Zoom Business, 30-hour meetings can be held with up to 300 people. If you have a small-to-medium company and want to use Zoom, the Zoom Business plan is suitable for you.

In Zoom Enterprise, on the other hand, Zoom’s fully customizable plan for large businesses, the maximum number of users is set at 1000.

Where to Buy Zoom?

Etgi Group is Zoom’s Turkey authorized sales, training and support center. If you wish, you can review the information on Etgi Group’s website and contact us to request a quote or ask questions. In addition to Zoom, Etgi Group is Turkey’s authorized sales and support center of services such as Murf, Camtasia and Articulate.

Etgi Group also offers Vedubox, which is an originally developed, all-in-one training and communication platform with dozens of features such as LMS, question bank, test, exam, e-commerce, corporate portal, live training, meeting, event management and gamification. Vedubox is a SAAS product that incorporates all the features of Zoom and offers much more than Zoom while using the Zoom API.

Don’t forget to visit our website to get more information about Vedubox’s features, packages and modules, try it free for 14 days and benefit from the informative content on our blog.

Which Zoom Plan Should I Purchase for a 10-Person Meeting?

The two most logical options for a Zoom meeting of 10 people are Zoom Basic and Zoom Pro. However, due to the 40-minute time limit and other restrictions, Zoom Pro, which allows meeting up to 100 people for 30 hours, comes first as the most logical option in this case.

What are the Advantageous Vedubox Packages to Remove the Time Limit?

Vedubox was founded with the aim of providing an all-inclusive solution for distance learning and communication through a single platform and is designed to combine features that facilitate distance learning, communication and collaboration. The system combines everything you need for distance education and communication with its unified and customizable features, and works as an innovative, integrated communication and learning management system as a cloud-based platform that combines 4 main features as well as many other supporting features. Vedubox can be used as an all-inclusive package or different modules such as Live, Events, Exam can be purchased individually, which provides flexibility in use.

You can use Vedubox’s Live module to hold meetings without a time limit. Vedubox Live is the Vedubox module that allows for live lessons and online meetings. It is developed over Zoom that closes various gaps of Zoom and offers more comprehensive meetings and collaboration.

With Vedubox Live, you can set meeting days and times to the calendar in the system, specify the duration and type of meeting you assign, send SMS to users when the meeting time approaches and share the link of the Zoom session via Vedubox Live. Recordings of meetings held over Zoom via Vedubox Live are automatically transferred to the system. Don’t forget to visit our website to read more information about Vedubox Live and its features, try it free for 14 days and benefit from the informative content on our blog.

As you can see, Zoom has different plans for different audiences. We hope this post helped you choose the Zoom plan that suits you best, and learn about Vedubox. You can take a look at the blogs of Vedubox and Etgi Group to reach more informative articles like this one.

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