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It is Time For Video Conference Now! Do You Know Why?

In the age of technology, distances and space no longer matter to share information. In parallel, the demand for video conference systems is growing rapidly every year. Do you know why?

In today’s world, business world has already adopted many innovations such as distance work, international cooperation, distance education, and online job interview. This big change has a reason. Video conference systems enable you to work and communicate from wherever you are and makes business life easier.

What is video conference?

Video conference is the technology that allows two or more people to communicate by video call regardless of the distance between participants. With technological advances, video conference systems are equipped with functional features. Therefore, video conferencing promises significant advantages nowadays. Let’s look at these advantages together.

Video conferencing saves time, reduces costs

Video conferencing is a complete timesaving tool in an era when this is exactly what we need. First of all, the time spent on the traveling for face-to-face meetings is out of question with this technology. People in different cities or even countries can interview as if they were in the same room.

It does not only save time but also money. Video conference systems reduce costs because it will eliminate spending on travel, accommodation, space organization and so on. Companies and organizations prefer video conferencing technologies for reasons such as reducing costs, making communication quick and practical, and increasing productivity.

It is a part of digital transformation

Video conferencing has become a part of our lives as a means of communication. One of the most important reasons for this is the inevitability of digital transformation in today’s business life. With video conference technologies, companies gain a new culture of communication and work.

Despite widespread use around the world, many companies and organizations still insist on not using it in everyday life, so they cannot take full advantage of video conferencing systems. Thus, it cannot perform its digital transformation in this field. However, keeping up with the time is essential for the long-term survival of a company.

It meets the global standards in inclusive education

Companies can use video conference systems in education in the formats of webinar and virtual classroom. Thanks to the software that offers these formats, educational institutions can conduct online training with employees or students from different locations.

Inclusiveness is an essential feature in the world of education today. Among other advantages, video conferencing allows disabled and sick students to attend classes because the users who do not have access to classrooms can benefit from the right to education in the most efficient way.

Video conferencing is very useful in many different ways in the academic field. Thanks to the possibility of using this technology for thesis jury meetings, scientific sharing meetings, course sharing, etc., academics save time and share more information effortlessly.

Brings a new breath to the world of marketing

Video conference systems can be used to market products and services in the form of webinars. In this way, customers can obtain detailed information about the products and services they are interested in in an economical, practical and easy way. They also have the opportunity to communicate with companies in a better quality. Companies that establish a strong bridge between their customers are much more successful in achieving their goals than the others.

Which video conference system to choose?

First of all it is very important to choose cloud-based systems for video conferencing. The primary reasons for this are the diversity and ease of use. Existing hardware-based video conference systems are expensive and difficult to use, which breaks the motivation of even knowledgeable and enthusiastic people.

However, software-based video conference systems are both inexpensive and easy to use. Cloud-based video conferencing enables companies and organizations stand forward with their support and training services. offers an integrated system. In other words, it meets the integrated needs of its customers with features such as video conferencing + online training system + social portal. With Vedubox, it is so easy to create, attend, and save meetings, webinars, make presentations, share applications and documents.

Because it is cloud-based, Vedubox enables many people from different locations to communicate and share information as if they were in the same room seamlessly.

With the e-learning features known as LMS, content in different formats such as video and presentation can be shared from the system. Moreover, instructors can enrich their training with interactive questions and tests. They can share information and content in the form of libraries, forums and news feeds. Even after the trainings, they can automatically create participants attendance lists or certificates of achievement.

Thanks to reporting and analysis features, managers can carry out the measurement and evaluation of all their activities.

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