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6 Features of an Outstanding Online Training System

Online training systems have highly changed the training experience. The transfer of training to the digital world bestows various options for companies to make a difference in the training sector. This diversity can be advantageous as well as challenging for the party who wants to choose an online training system.

So, how do we distinguish an excellent online training system from others? Which online training system can turn into a good return on investment? Let’s examine the 6 features of an online training system that will make a difference for both companies and users.

1- User-friendly interface design

The user handles the online training system via the interface. Therefore, a user-friendly interface design is one of the main determinants of the impact of the system. If you can’t use the features that the system offers, it doesn’t matter how great features your online training platform provides.

With necessary touches such as separating the sections in the online learning system and designing the graphic elements easy to use, you can ensure that your users can adapt to the system quickly.

2- Blended learning tools

Another feature of an online training system that makes a difference is that it has blended learning tools. Briefly, we can define blended learning as a combination of face-to-face training and internet/mobile-based learning. Your online training system should be able to offer a variety of learning methods through these tools.

It is quite essential to have among blended learning tools, especially educational games, digital badges, webinars, smart boards, video, and test tools. These tools will also allow you to respond to different learning demands.

3- Report and analysis options

Online training platforms should provide users the opportunity to analyze their own processes. Thus, the user’s process follow-up becomes more manageable, and the connection with the training gets stronger.

On the other hand, instructors can measure the efficiency of a course through reports and analysis. Hereby, trainers can recognize when they need to make improvements to their training programs.

4-Ease of online material sharing

Almost no training is all about lecturing. Regardless of their subject matter, instructors share a variety of materials to strengthen training. The system must provide convenience in online material sharing for the instructor and user who come together in the online environment.

The online training system having a cloud-based storage system enables quick and reliable material sharing. Besides, since these shared materials will be stored in digital media, users can access these materials from anywhere in the world as long as their computers or phones have an internet connection.

5- Responsive design features

We have just mentioned the benefits of easily accessing information from different devices in the digital age. Of course, a particular infrastructure is needed for this benefit. It requires a system that can run the content on various devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Worldwide revenue for the mobile learning market in 2020 is estimated at $ 37,60 billion.

Therefore, one of the essential features to be considered when it comes to online training is that the system has a responsive design. Herewith users and instructors can easily access the system regardless of the vehicle they use. For example, students can easily access the system via their phone and follow their lessons on public transport.

6- Brand integration

The last feature of an online training system that makes a difference is brand integration. Reflecting your corporate identity to the design of the system and making arrangements in this direction helps you create brand loyalty.

Therefore, when evaluating an online training, it is useful to ask the following questions:

  • Will I be able to incorporate my logo into the design easily?
  • Will I be able to play comfortably in the color codes and fonts of the design?
  • Will I be able to edit the design and tools to reflect my brand identity quickly?

If you can get an answer to these and similar questions, you will be able to effortlessly adapt the corporate identity of your brand to the system.

An online training system that makes a difference: Vedubox

Online training systems such as Vedubox help you make your training productive by offering tools such as online courses, video courses, tests and exams, question banks, practice papers, smartboard. It is also much more manageable with Vedubox to measure, analyze, and view exams that you will apply to users.

With Vedubox, which provides cloud-based content management in compliance with different devices, you can create your content quickly and update the content effortlessly when necessary. You can contact us for more information about Vedubox.

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