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Help Your Employees Improve Their Social Skills: Communication

Help Your Employees Improve Their Social Skills: Communication

Communication skills are among the essential skills that affect the success of employees, and therefore companies in business life. Regardless of our profession or position, we are all in contact with other people at many times of professional experience.

E-mails, presentations and phone calls, meetings, and even short chats while taking coffee from the kitchen are included in this communication circle. According to a survey of 400 companies with 100,000 employees, each company loses an average of $ 62.4 million per year due to poor communication. This is severe damage!

It seems that it is worth a bit of effort to strengthen communication skills that have long-term effects. What do you think?

Essentials of Online Employee Training

At this point, an online employee training platform can make a significant change for you. You can increase the success of your company to a great extent with the employee training that you will create through a cloud-based online platform.

You can support the training package that you can offer to all your employees with the same standard with resources in different formats. Moreover, you can monitor the progress of your employees. Vedubox offers a comprehensive LMS service and advanced technology in online employee training.

But to take the most advantage of this technology, you also need effective training content. What is the sine qua non of efficient communication training?

1. Take advantage of blended learning

The ideal learning model is different for everyone. Moreover, when more than one learning method is used together, the learning process becomes more efficient and more permanent.

You can offer training that makes a difference to all your employees with a flexible online training platform that enables you to provide different options. We need to say that training with content to be studied only by watching or reading on the screen will not be strong enough. You can make use of blended learning to enrich your content.

Make sure you include different educational content such as interactive applications, gamification, live training, quizzes during online training. Try to bring a different dimension to your education with face to face meetings and workshops whenever possible.

2. Ensure that everyone participates equally in training

More than one party is required to communicate. So, everyone should talk and listen to others for the best communication. Communication training is especially critical for people who hesitate to speak in public and share their ideas with other people. As instructors, ensure that all users participate equally.

While motivating those who remain silent to participate, make sure that the people you think dominate communication give time to others. With practices, encourage the talkative people to listen effectively. Explain to your employees that active listening is as necessary as good speech.

3. Practice written and oral communication

We communicate both in writing and orally in the business world. Help your employees make great presentations or develop appropriate ways of communicating during phone calls. The forms of communication that involve speech are issues that need to be studied well, as it is not always possible to plan out the words we utter.

But don’t limit your training to this. Make sure you also mention what to consider when writing an email. The most crucial advantage of communication over the text is that it gives the other party a chance to check before forwarding. Explain to your employees the most effective email writing techniques and what to consider while reviewing it.

4. Perform workshops and group work

You can benefit from workshops and group works to help your company’s employees improve their communication skills and strengthen their communication with each other.

In these workshops, you can discuss real agendas or choose topics that you think will be useful. By working together, the employees will be able to discover exciting ideas about the company as they know each other better.

5. Develop targeted communication skills

Every relationship we establish, especially in the business world, has a professional goal. Realizing sales, increasing employee productivity, transferring new period plans in the best way, convincing your boss, getting positive feedback … these goals may be different from each other.

Try to teach your employees how to communicate in ways that will strengthen their persuasion skills, express themselves clearly, and seem energetic during the communication training.

Besides, giving negative feedback or dealing with them is an integral part of communication in business life. Your employees need to know the ability to turn these moments into positive in the long run.

6. Add practice to theory

You can try role-playing and let people practice to contact with people from different positions to improve themselves in communication with the customer, senior manager, or other colleagues. Technical and theoretical knowledge is essential, but keep in mind that you need to practice and consolidate knowledge through case studies.

Which online training platform should you choose?

You can benefit from Vedubox’s rich content technology to increase your company’s success with your online employee training programs. Supporting blended learning with a variety of content and formats such as question bank, gamification, and quizzes, Vedubox also offers smartboard and interactive live training.

Vedubox’s multilingual interface can be easily personalized, as well as features to improve the efficiency of training. The platform can be customized to align with your corporate identity, and training content can be uploaded to the cloud-based system in a minute.

Contact us now to take advantage of Vedubox privileges.

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