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Training and Development Trends for 2023

As we close another year with joy and sadness and prepare for the surprises of the next year, the concept of ‘change” that we experience every year will come to us with new surprises in 2023.

At the beginning of each year, trends in education and training are introduced, sometimes the same themes are repeated, and sometimes we are introduced to concepts we have never heard before. This year, there is one concept that is heavily influencing the emergence of these concepts: hybrid working. We would not be making a mistake if we said that companies have finally accepted hybrid working after the relative end of the pandemic. Remote working will prevail in the corporate world according to specific criteria on a sectoral basis, so companies will also have to adapt to this new rule of the game to ensure their agility. Let us support this topic with an investigation;

According to McKinsey’s research, in the face of a massive wave of layoffs, 40% of workers in the U.S. plan to leave their jobs within the next three to six months. All these employees prefer companies that offer flexible work options and remote working opportunities.

Hybrid or flexible working is one of the differentiators, but it alone is not enough on its own. Companies’ training and development processes must also be compatible with these concepts of agility and flexibility. Even before the pandemic, companies’ endless meetings that lasted for days and fixed everyone’s calendar to specific days began to decline, and with the pandemic, such practices were left behind. Employees want to be trained in certain areas of their routine and flow, regardless of time and place.

Accordingly, we share with you the areas that organizations should prioritize in 2023 to maximize return on investment by increasing the efficiency of training and development.

Close the skills gap

In a study conducted by LinkedIn Learning, 46% of learning and development leaders said the skills gap in their organization has widened, and 49% said business leaders are not able to align employees with business strategies.

As everyone knows, the digital transformation companies are undergoing is having a positive impact on business processes and performance, but this transformation can also create skills gaps by widening the gap between employees.

Therefore, in 2023, companies will need to equip their employees with new skills, enhance the ones they have, and give them the skills they need to be successful in their positions. ; There can be various examples, such as general topics like computer skills, time and stress management under the title of personal development, or the use of artificial intelligence or robots in finance or human resources in the context of work and industry.

Companies should act quickly to create training programs that directly increase the scale of the company’s capabilities by identifying needs in this way and contributing to employee skills.

Personalized training opportunities

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, today’s employees want a modular training program that fits their routines, regardless of time or location, and they prefer that training program to be tailored to them. Just as the world’s popular video content providers offer us new content based on what we watch and like, employees also want to be trained in this way, so this selection and implementation will be one of the most important decisions companies make in 2023.

Workers will request training content in parallel with these pathways, which will contribute to the career paths they pursue in line with their skills and abilities. While companies will provide training in this context, they should also be able to include mentors with whom employees can follow this path.

When providing a personalized training experience, it is essential to do so in parallel with the technology. For this reason, it’s essential that these designed pieces of training are automated from a certain point and that they are assigned and tracked to employees in specific timeframes.

Create short and concise training content 

It is important that the personalized training mentioned in the previous article is consumed in a modular structure and as needed, e.g., in the form of “pills.” For this reason, one of the priorities of companies should be not only to design personalized pieces of training but also to deliver them correctly to employees. This training can be in the form of videos or other content, but the most important thing is that the employee can use this content at the right time and as often as necessary.

Virtual and augmented reality technology

After virtual and augmented reality technologies have been used in many different fields, “meta’ reality has become popular, and it is also being used in education, with the percentage of this use increasing by the day. While manufacturing companies use this technology to provide their employees with applications for machines and work instructions associated with these machines in risk-free environments with this technology, banks or customer service companies can test the skills of their employees using certain real-life scenarios.

Aside from these uses, these technologies can also be used to address skill gaps and help create skill sets. Therefore, not only considering these technologies as “entertainment’ but using them for business and strategically will be on top of the list for companies in 2023.

In summary, businesses in 2023 will need to take important steps in training and development and make essential decisions. Companies will need to acquire and deploy the right tools, as we mentioned in the topic of technology investments, to deliver personalized training to their designed workforce to close the skills gaps. At the forefront of these tools is a training management system that is properly designed, has the necessary technologies built into its system and offers flexibility in terms of employee experience. At Vedubox, we want to help companies achieve the trends of 2023 with an education management system that combines all these requirements.

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