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How Many Rooms Do You Need In Your Virtual School?

Online school, aka virtual school has become more valuable than ever before. Education is undoubtedly one of the systems we need to maintain during the closing period of the house, which we do not know how many months it will take. In other words, corona conditions made the use of virtual schools mandatory in all countries.

Although many students who have been locked out in their homes due to the Corona virus have been away from education for a while, schools start to continue their schedule with virtual schools one by one.

Virtual school is an important actor of the education world, not only during the virus outbreak, but also always as an important alternative. There are many reasons for this.

Advantages of Virtual School

Although virtual school is considered a relatively new application, it seems to be increasingly used with its many advantages. So what are these advantages? Let’s take a closer look.

Compatible with the needs of the school and the student

The number of students varies in each school. Also, the schools require different physical conditions according to the education they provide: building size, classroom equipment, use of technology and more. So, we cannot talk about a standard virtual school that will work for each school.

When choosing a virtual school as an educational institution, you need to consider the number of users (students and teachers, or maybe parents) and rooms, as well as the content of your lessons. A system that is perfect for another school may not be as useful to you as you might think.

When you start using virtual school, it is very important to find a system that provides the technical support you need. For example, using Zoom only, you can process a lesson in which the instructor is the narrator and the students are users. However, Vedubox interacts with your students, making their active participation possible.

Design your training according to your preference

Just like in the physical environment, you can determine the training path for the virtual trainings you will create for each course. Thus, you can control attendance every other day, just like at school.

Considering the roles of the users such as the principal and other administrators, the authority, the instructors, and student, you can give authorities. You can customize the profiles in accordance with everyone’s role in the education path. You can easily hold teacher meetings, parent meetings. The principal can make live class visits. Students can work together by creating an assignment group.

Effective lessons with rich educational content

The most important feature of virtual schools is that they allow live lessons. Thus, one-to-one communication between the student and the teacher becomes possible by moving the classroom environment to the digital environment. The reason that makes live lessons so effective lies in the virtual board that allows interaction and technology. In this way, students can participate in the lesson verbally.

However, we live in a period when we can easily access technology far beyond this in terms of content management. Thus, resources in different formats such as video, document, presentation, YouTube/Vimeo content can be added to the training. In addition, your education gets richer with comments, announcements, questionnaires and forum features.

If you’re wondering where to find so many features together, take a look at Vedubox!

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