One of the Best LMS Software According to the 2024 Capterra Value Report: Vedubox!

Provide Online Training to Your Entire Team on a Single Platform with Vedubox

Advanced Features for Hotel / Restaurant / Café Chains

Interactive Learning Modules

Role-Based Structure

Easy Reporting

Effective Orientation

350+ Organizations and 500K+ users Prefers Vedubox

What is Vedubox?

Vedubox is a training software (LMS) that is customized for businesses to train their employees online.

Vedubox’s Most Advanced Features for
Hotel / Restaurant / Café Chains

Interactive Training Modules

Ensure effective training with Vedubox’s features that enhance interaction while planning the training of employees in the ever-changing HORECA sector.

Regular Knowledge Assessments

Monitor learning processes and support development by regularly evaluating employees’ knowledge. Build strong teams with level determination, training, and assessment.

Standardized Service Quality

Enhance your service standards and train your employees to adhere to these standards with Vedubox’s advanced features.

Gamification for Motivation

Integration of gamification techniques into training increases employee motivation and interest in training. Increase learning efficiency with Vedubox. (Take the icon from other pages)

Certification Opportunity

Receiving certificates after completing training motivates employees and promotes professional development. (Take the icon from other pages)

Effective Orientation Processes

Offer effective orientation programs for rapid adaptation and high performance of new hires.

Enhance the Learning Experience in
Hotel / Restaurant / Café Sectors with Vedubox’s Comprehensive Capabilities

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All the features
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