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Franchise Training

Digitalize your training for your brand that continues to grow in different parts of the world. Provide budget-friendly online training by eliminating transportation, accommodation, and venue organization expenses. Discover how Vedubox supports franchise processes.

Digitalize your franchise training with Vedubox.


Create your course in minutes.

Create your online course now with a customized interface for your brand. Upload your training content to the system or create new content with Vedubox. Register users and start training online for your partners to represent you in the best manner.


Standardize the training for everyone.

Provide the same training for people who will attend your training from multiple locations. Prepare training for the franchising process and add it to the system. Use the same content over and over again. Make sure everyone who represents your brand around the world receives the best training.


Provide highly interactive education.

This training will be an important part of your franchising cooperation. Support your users to participate actively in the training. Enable your business partners to share their questions and ideas with interactive education technologies. Increase the impact of education with high interaction.


Update the tutorial if needed.

You may need to update your brand information over time. For this, you do not need to recreate the entire training content. Simply update the relevant sections. Make it easier for your business partners to adapt by instantly reflecting the changes in your training.

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