According to the 2024 Capterra Report, Vedubox is one of the best learning management software.

Vedubox Exam

Your online exams are more effective and safe with Vedubox Exam. 

Vedubox Exam provides a secure online exam organization by combining questions in different formats and interactive technologies.

Highlights of Vedubox Exam

Question Pool

Create question pools to organize online exams and tests, and build unique question banks by organizing these questions into categories. Your questions can be in different formats such as multiple-choice, open-ended, true-false, matching.

Different Exam Formats

Enrich your exams with different formats in addition to questions in various formats. Make exams with an optical reader from PDF. Take advantage of the interactive video feature by using the questions you add to the video for higher interactive exams.

Reporting and Management

Add users in different roles such as instructor, manager. Report and analyze daily and monthly attendance, income for enrolled students.

Vedubox integrated with advanced AI proctoring solution that prevent cheating attempts during online exams as well as monitor and control students’ behavior during the examination process.

Assessment and Evaluation

Evaluate exams instantly and automatically without wasting time with detailed exam reports. Track users’ progress and share it through the system.

Exam Security

Vedubox Exam offers different options for you to create online exams securely. For example, you can create exams with optical readers available in the system. Moreover, involving the supervisor’s participation, you can organize exams with higher security.

Contact our team to get information about the features you need for the online exam.

Other Features of Vedubox Exam


Asynchronous Exam

Assign users to the exams and ask them to take the exam within a certain time. By doing so, enable participants to complete the exam at their convenience.


Synchronous Exam

Create online exams that start and end simultaneously for any number of users so that all participants complete the quiz simultaneously.


Random Feature

Change the order of questions and answer choices for each user in exams.


Mobile Compatibility

Vedubox Exam is accessible not only from desktop devices but also from mobile phones and tablets.

With Vedubox Live, customize the system using the features you need and only pay for the features you use.


In the Vedubox online test system, you can upload the exams you have prepared as PDF, JPEG, PNG, DOC and organize online exams as you wish by activating the optical reader.

Vedubox offers a highly advanced online test system in terms of question types. You can create a pool of questions and tests from multiple choice, true-false, sorting, matching, fill-in-the-blank, open-ended and calculation question types.

It is an advanced surveillance solution that prevents cheating attempts during online exams and also monitors and controls students’ behavior during the exam process.

If the “Let the student continue” checkbox is checked, even if the connection is lost during the exam, all transactions will be saved on the system, and the user can continue the exam from where they have left off.

The system administrator or, if allowed, the end user can view the exam results, exam ranking, correct and incorrect answers, and solutions in detail and print them out.

There is no limit, you can add as many questions and tests as you want.

During the exam, you can schedule a live broadcast and monitor the participants during the exam. In addition, with advanced exam system features; you can present the same questions to different users in different orders, mix the order of the answer choices, and create exams by generating random questions based on level or category from the question pool.