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Distance training for HR is getting more popular in accordance with the era’s trends. Technological developments cause great changes in business life as well as in many areas. Electronic devices are used more, employees need to know more about their jobs, work tools and equipment are becoming more complex. For this reason, they need to be used more efficiently and effectively.

Regardless of whether they are blue-collar or white-collar, all employees need to have the knowledge, receive regular training on certain subjects, and be aware of new developments. In such cases, companies’ human resources and training departments are generally expected to support employees. Companies are looking for ways to guide employees in 

  • human resources management, 
  • increasing the quality of employees, 
  • making employees more competent in business-related issues, and so on.

Training is the only solution to this job, but it is also very difficult to train each employee face to face. Well, why not use technological developments in work equipment in training?

Distance Training for HR

Human resources managers can gain benefits in many areas by using the distance training method in employee training. For this, it is enough to prepare a training program and use it in distance training infrastructures. So, what are the benefits of using distance training in the business environment in terms of human resources? What benefits can be obtained by choosing this method for training?

Boosting the performance of employees

People working in a company have competencies in certain subjects. However, even those working in the same department may differ from each other in terms of performance. In this case, what should be done to achieve more efficient work outputs? 

It is not a sufficient solution to evaluate the performance of the employees and identify the people with low performance. What you do after the detection plays a key role in improving performance. Because dismissing low-performing employees and hiring new ones can also bring bigger problems in terms of time and cost of training. 

In this case, employee training helps fill the performance gap. With the distance education method, it can be ensured that experts and high-performing employees on the subject transfer their knowledge. Moreover, when we consider many benefits such as the ability to watch this training over and over and the effective use of resources, your chance of solving the lack of performance increases even more. The fact that human resources managers prefer distance training on this subject provides higher efficiency than face-to-face training in the company.

Adding new skills

Human resources managers should deal with the existing knowledge of the employees as well as work on the acquisition of new skills. These new skills may be those that are directly related to the job or that affect the job indirectly. Employees may have to receive training in many new situations such as emerging technologies, a technological infrastructure where the workplace is started using, and studies for new sectors. 

It is also the responsibility of human resources to organize the training. In this case, organizing a few hours of training for many employees with different learning speeds may present problems regarding the efficiency of the training. The different learning speeds may cause some employees not to learn enough during face-to-face training. You can overcome all these problems by using a distance education infrastructure in this regard. 

With distance training for HR, employees can gain new skills and this training can be watched over and over again, so full learning can be achieved. In other words, if human resources managers want to bring new skills to their employees, they should prefer a distance training system that will not take up work time and provide high efficiency to the trained employee.

Saving workforce

The benefits we mentioned in the two items above actually meet on some ground. Human resources managers can save a great deal of the workforce by opting for the distance learning method for employee training. Because, in order to organize face-to-face training, it is necessary to work with a professional team in this business. Or, if a solution is to be made within the company, people related to this job will have to work. This may cause insufficient manpower to be transferred to other jobs.

With distance education for HR, it will be sufficient to produce educational content and publish this content on the system, saving the workforce. Thus, it will provide comfort to the company in terms of cost and prevent the employment of an extra workforce.

In addition to these, when face-to-face training is organized within the company, those who will provide training on the subject will be required to perform this process not only in the management building but also in all branches. For this, side labour needs will arise. However, workforce savings can be achieved in many areas with distance training for HR.

Saving time

One of the biggest benefits of using distance learning in in-company training is to save time. A period of time is determined for training and it is carried out according to a calendar. Organizing training in multi-employee and multi-branch companies takes a serious amount of time. Such long-term training in human resources management means a great cost and time investment for the company.

However, organizing training for employees with a developed distance training infrastructure shortens the training schedule considerably. Training that takes place in a shorter time also provides a great benefit in terms of human resources management. Time-saving distance education systems can be preferred for in-company training.

Increasing the quality of employees

One of the duties of human resources managers is to increase the quality of employees. Employees with skills in different fields provide more benefits to the firm in the long run. In this respect, employee quality can be increased with trainings on various subjects. Since the trainings to be organized to increase the quality of the employees are on different subjects, they require labour and time. A calendar is needed to implement the prepared trainings.

With the trainings to be implemented with the distance education infrastructure, both labour and time can be saved. In addition to these, trainings can be organized in different fields with the resulting excess budget. With the controlled implementation of the trainings to be organized, the quality of the employees within the company increases. Qualified employees can contribute to the company, as well as work on current needs, faster.

Trainings on current developments in the business line can be held in order to increase the quality of the employees. In addition, employees who have skills in potential areas are trained to increase their chances of entering different sectors. Trainings that provide process control thanks to distance education bring more successful results than face-to-face trainings. For this reason, human resources managers should put aside their prejudices against distance education infrastructures. They should research and use distance education infrastructures that meet all needs.

Distance training software that can be applied in different fields provides the technology needed in in-company training. But the thing to note here is that the preferred distance education system should meet all needs. They will meet the needs by providing 

  • live broadcast,
  • progress control,
  • preparing an exam,
  • file sharing,
  • discussion environment,
  • give homework
  • educational content library

Vedubox is a system that can be used not only in educational institutions but also in companies, private lessons as an online training platform. Vedubox, which offers solutions related to every step needed in in-house trainings, is capable of helping human resources managers with many features such as live broadcast, webinar, offline course, training content library, online exam, progress control. You can visit our site or contact us to get information about Vedubox.