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Best SCORM authoring tools help you create engaging and SCORM compatible learning content. So what is SCORM? Why do you need SCORM compatible content and distance learning platforms?

With online and hybrid education trends, different technologies and concepts became more visible. SCORM is one of them. Thanks to the different conveniences it offers, it becomes very important for trainers who provide online and hybrid training to answer the questions of what SCORM is and how to use it.

This blog introduces you to the fundamentals of SCORM. Here you will find:

  • what SCORM is and the benefits it offers. 
  • how SCORM functions and the workings of SCORM courses. 
  • the best SCORM authoring tools.

What is SCORM?

First of all, SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. 

Let’s divide it into smaller pieces to understand better.

Sharable Content Object (SCO) refers to the components of the SCORM package reused across several platforms and tools. When the different elements of this package are compatible with SCORM, the learning content will also work well with LMS platforms and tools.

By Reference Model, we mean that SCORM is a standard that anyone working in the eLearning sector can understand and implement in their system. These are the guidelines that everyone adheres to.

Long story short, SCORM is a purely technological standard for eLearning software. It establishes a set of guidelines for you to create and distribute your eLearning courses.

The Benefits of SCORM

Now that you know what SCORM is, your next question might be: what benefits does SCORM offer? 

Indeed, SCORM offers various conveniences and advantages for developers, instructors, and learners. Let’s mention a few.

Easy to Share

Transferring content from one domain to another is simple. Moreover, installing and updating the content in a SCORM package is easy and takes little time, if a course is SCORM-compliant.

Less Costly

Instructors do not need to customize the training for different systems. Thus, you may transfer the learning content to any other platform without the additional tools required.

More Control 

Tracking your learners’ achievements and progress is a key component of e-learning. Whether you do it in a corporate or an academic setting, it is necessary. SCORM courses facilitate following the student progress and training efficiency. 

Personalized Learning Path

SCORM allows you to develop the training structure freely. You get to choose the order in which users view each training module. That feature provides you with a lot of freedom to build personalized and flexible learning experiences. 

Utilize the best SCORM authoring tools to create the best course possible.

How Do SCORM Courses Work?

When you use a SCORM compatible authoring tool to create an eLearning course, the result is a Zip Folder. Once you upload this Zip folder into the LMS, the LMS takes care of everything. 

A registered user can access the course in a browser after you launch it. Then, the LMS gathers data in order to monitor and report on their progress. Here, SCORM determines which data to obtain.

For example, SCORM courses allow you to track:

  • where the users are in the learning path,
  • the learner status such as fail, pass, complete, incomplete,
  • the time spent on lessons and assignments,
  • students’ passing scores,
  • all the interaction within the system and more.

You also have another option to create and manage your eLearning course: SCORM Cloud. It is a SaaS training delivery platform. However, SCORM Cloud does not offer some features that an LMS and all-in-one online learning platforms such as Vedubox deliver. 

For example, built-in libraries, learning paths, certification, gamification, eCommerce features are some examples of such LMS solutions. 

Best SCORM Authoring Tools

Do you plan to create an eLearning class from scratch? Or you might want to upgrade your existing content. Do you have problems transforming your learning material into a better SCORM compliant LMS? 

It does not matter. You should utilize the best digital content development tools for more engaging and easy-to-use eLearning courses.

Here are some examples of such authoring tools that are compatible with SCORM: 


You may create engaging course content, attractive presentations, and interesting animations with Articulate. This tool provides you with interactive e-lesson, e-exam, and presentation preparation tools.


Camtasia is among the best authoring tools you can see. The tool also allows screen recording and provides various other recording editing tools.


iSpring improves LMS usage with its easy-to-use tools and practical solutions. You may enhance your presentations and create various files with Flash, HTML5,, SCORM conversion technologies.


Lectora is the accessible, affordable, and easy-to-understand authoring tool you need. This tool reduces the time spent on the preparation of courses. It also allows you to customize your training without difficulty. 

Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate enables you to make animated and interactive presentations with various visual designs. This SCORM authoring tool allows you to have more control over all aspects of your course. 

Moreover, our high-quality LMS product, Vedubox online education platform supports the use of SCORM. You may upload your SCORM courses into our system without difficulty.  

Remember that the most successful and efficient LMS products go along with these tools. When you choose an LMS platform, be aware of its features regarding SCORM. 

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