According to the 2024 Capterra Report, Vedubox is one of the best learning management software.

Vedubox Tutor has been designed for everyone who teaches online. Live lessons, tests and exams, video training, document sharing and much more are combined in one platform.

What is Vedubox Tutor?

Vedubox Tutor has been developed for trainers who provide online tutoring, consulting and coaching. Meet the most advanced solutions in online or hybrid education with new generation education technologies.

Use the interactive smartboard for live lessons or set the rules you want for video tutorials. Easily share documents and resources in different formats with users. Offer rich content that will improve the quality of learning.

That’s not all! With Vedubox Tutor, it is very easy to prepare question banks, tests and exams and apply them safely.

How it works?

The only platform where you can meet all the needs of your educational institution together


Determine your educational program, and prepare your online course in a minute. Teach easily from anywhere, with any device. 


It is possible to carry out interactive lessons with the drawing of figures, graphics and formulas and students’ access to the blackboard. The smartboard can be used just like in physical classrooms.

Video Class Library

Use the video class library to teach your students again and again with the videos you have prepared. Any recorded video lecture uploaded to the system is securely accessed by registered users.

Reporting and Certification

Easily report the processes of the users participating in the training automatically. If you wish, give certificates to your users according to their participation or exam results, and have them documented.


25 Users

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$ 19 /per month

50 Users

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$ 29 /per month

100 Users

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$ 39 /per month

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can call us at +90 (850)840 60 59 or send us an e-mail at

Since the system is built on cloud architecture, Vedubox does not need any installation for use. However, if you will use the live training module, you need to install Zoom. You do not need to open a separate Zoom account to use Vedubox.

You can easily download Zoom by selecting the appropriate version for your device here.

Vedubox offers packages compatible with different numbers of users. In this way, you can add ‘as many users as you want to the system with the package you will receive according to the number of users. When you want to increase or decrease the number of users, you can easily make changes to your package. Vedubox Sales team is ready to support you in this regard.


Moreover, you can remove the users whose active usage is completed from the system and add new ones instead. Thus, you do not have to pay for each new user, as long as the number of people in your current package is not full, you can continue to use Vedubox by deleting as many users as you want and adding new ones.